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I hate feeling like this!

Good evening ladies,

I'm really in a foul mood today:mad:!
Everyone is irritating me,and I feel like I've had enough, and I want to cry!:cry:
For the past two weeks I've been having some pain in my pelvic area and I'm booking a appointment with the midwife tomorrow to see what i can do to help ease it. It hurts when I walk and generally move and I'm only 17 weeks and only gained 6 lbs so it's not my weight gain :(.

How is everyone else feeling?

On the upside the weather has been lovely :)!
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It could be SPD, which is caused by hormones and not weigh gain (although big babies/bumps do not help once you have it...) Hopefully you will get a physio referral and they should be able to help a bit, but not make it go away. Just take it easy! Don't overdo things, and try to identify what makes things worse, then avoid them! :) Easier said than done at times, but try!
That's what i think it must be too!
bloody hurts after I have done the slightest bit of walking!some morning I wake up and I can feel the discomfort!
Take it easy would be lovely but my three yr old doesn't make it easy! lol
I know! Easier said than done, definitely! They offered me crutches, but with a toddler to look after, how is that going to work???
Aww thanks!

well I have an appointment with the midwife today so hopefully I should be referred soon!
I don't fancy the crutches either! I think that would hinder me even more!
I have been bathing twice a day at the moment, especially in the evening when my little girl is in bed, I'll just lay there are ages! And as long as I go to bed soon after it does seem to ease it whilst I sleep. But some nights I just toss and turn because I wakeup because of my hips!

I love being pregnant but I kinda what this baby out now! I have 22 weeks left!!! haha :)
Definitely sounds like spd hun. Not sure what your physio said but you can often self refer to ante natal physio at the hospital, sooner rather than later is better.

They will tell you to do pelvic floor exercises, keep your legs together as much as possible ie getting into car/bed - sit down first, then lift legs together when turning round (using a plastic bag on car seat often helps). Take stairs one at a time with both feet on the stair before taking the next one, take small steps when walking and walk slower. You can also use heat packs to ease some of the pain and if really bad you can take paracetemol and your gp can prescribe stronger painkillers if necessary.

I've had it since 11 weeks and on crutches since 15 weeks, so really do advise being seen by physio early. Let us know how you get on.
Well i went to the midwife and she had referred me to the physio, so hopefully just get something to help support that area!

I have renovated a house before Kirsty, and I could not imagine doing it whilst preggers! Your a brave lady!!! lol1
The midwife said most of what you said there minime.....just have to try and put it into practice!
The last few days I think I have been experiencing some nerve pain in my bum cheek! ooh the joys the joys! haha

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