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I hate the weekend!

I can be really good all week and ignore the goodies in the cupboards but when the weekend comes I just seem to give in and I don't know why. I've found that I argue with myself, saying I don't want it or I don't need it but that little devil in me that's always saying "just one more" always wins :cry: Maybe I'm just going psycho, but that's honestly how it plays out in my head lol
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I know exactly how you feel, been a total pig today. Hopefully back on track tomorrow but knowing me probably Monday.


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i find the weekends hardest i think its cause the kids at home but i need to try sort it as summer holidays coming up lol
Argh.. tell me about it! :(

First week on SF, and blew it yesterday. Family had chinese takeaway, and I gave in. Going out for a meal tonight aswell, which has been planned for a while, and meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow :/.

I'm just going to see it as a Bank Holiday blip, and ensure that future weekends aren't going to be the same! Will be extra good this week.
Weekends suck as my weekly routine goes out of the window! I try to make sure i don't have access to anything in the house that might tempt me, plus i fill up on water. So instead of spending the weekend snacking i spend it peeing!


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I don't work full time but still have the same problem with weekends. I think its a hangover from feeling that the weekends should be a period of pleasure and treats. And there's part of me that thinks "well everyone else is doing it..." I'm finding that Slimfast is keeping me away from food that might stimulate my binging. For example, I know that if I spend an affordable 350 cals on a bacon sandwich I might not be able to stop having scrummy food. Whereas Slimfast seems to be enough to give me a little food buzz without me wanting more. I seem to have extended this to not eating any of my favourite food for the evening meal either. I just don't trust myself to know when to stop - so although it all sounds a bit boring its working for me at the moment.
hi, my weekends let me down too. although started slim fast today i was on atkins and that didnt allow for my friday drinking session but with slimfast i can count my bacardi empty calories into the diet :D

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