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I have a problem, please help me!


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Guys, I havent been able to stick to SS for more than 2 days because I have SO many social commitments lined up which all have surrounded around food. I really want to get started but I havent been able to take my shakes to dinners and bbqs. Also I dont want to waste my very expensive Cambridge food by doing SS one day and throwing the diet away the next.
So tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday I have dates and bbqs (and one boat cruise with buffet) that I cannot get out of and would like to enjoy. So today I'm thinking "should I even bother with SS or SS+ today since tomorrow I have a second date and dont want the guy to know I'm on a crazy diet.
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I would enjoy your days out and then say ok thats done and if you get invited to more say no more delays this is it now I have had time out and now don't let anymore time slip away . So 100 % after all your BBq


supposed to be working!
Thank you so much - that;s what my head's telling me too. I am free all of next week starting Sunday.
(it *is* getting warmer here in ny so getting nervous too :) I will be as good as possible till Monday.


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This is the reason why, although I decided I was going to restart cd a week ago, I am not starting it for another 10 days.. I've had my birthday (which we went away for), my baby's birthday is coming up and then we're away for a weekend for another event so it's just not worth wasting the packs by starting now imho.. So I'm low carbing until then which will hopefully make life easier when I start, could you do the same? Come off the packs until you've got through this block of social commitments and stick to low carb foods until you can start again?
I agree, do them and enjoy them but then know thats it for a while. I went to a bbq at weekend and drove so no one took any notice that i wasnt drinking and had fizzy water so it looked a bit more exciting, and ate only a bit of protien off the bbq.
And make the next date an activity with this guy, doesnt need to be foody, go to cinema or somthing.

you'll get through it!

lottie xx


Strong women stay slim
After you feel you have done them things you will feel now is the time to do 100% till goal .
I have messed about with Cd for months and now back on CD day 11 for me , I have my sons birthday tomorrow and will be making alot of cakes but I have no intension to have any and I'm ok with that , because I just want to get to goal , so its head down and away I go


supposed to be working!
Wonderful thank you for all your answers :)
MsJMC you are an inspiration as I have been messing around with CD too and almost want to take a week off work and just stick to it this time. I WILL make it to Day 7 and then do SS+.
Thank you all for your responses :)


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hi enjoy your next few dates then start over giving it 100% i am going on hols in june and still going to stick 100% hopefully take soups to restuarants evey night and ask them to prepare it and water instead of wine, its gonna be hard but next holiday i will be a size 10 instead of 20. you will not gat a full weight loss if you go in and out of ss and may even end up gaining in the long run. enjoy your days out and good luck when you start 100% claira xxxx


supposed to be working!
Thank you Claira! Good luck with your goal! xx

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A similar thread was started ages ago and one person posted....in different words.....why are you bothering to do CD if you're not going to stick to it. The poor person got slated but I have to say hun in the nicest possible way.......that you can't put your life on hold and hide away while you're doing this diet. I did SS last year and it wasn't for me.

However, if you want to lose the weight then you are just going to have to get started. Bring your sachets with you or if you cannot cope with ss move to 810 when you can have protein meals, veg/salad, milk and your shakes. That way you can eat out and no-one will know any different.,

We can all say to you put it off, enjoy yourself and then be 100% but there is always going to be a reason not to do it, a dinner, a date, a meeting , whatever. So it's up to you. I personally have surrounded myself in normal life so that I could cope with other people eating around me, socialising, yummy smells etc. That is because I don't look at CD as ''I have to to this' but instead 'I want to do this'. I'm choosing to do this for me and I don't care what others think.

Cancelling your life and staying at home for a week would be depressing. Instead keep busy with the normal things you do and put the emphisis on the event/activity instead of the food, the buffet, the BBQ.

I am aware on here that we can sometimes be taken the wrong way....and please I'm not wanting to sound like a cow but supportive of you starting your weight loss journey.

The only person you will upset by not getting started (having been so excited about starting) is you!

So look, we are here whatever you decide to do. Good luck with making the right choices for you hun and keep us updated,

Big hugs xxx


supposed to be working!
Thank you for taking the time to write that! I really REALLY appreciate your candor and support. I promise I dont intend to use these few days as an excuse to be 'bad' and will genuinely eat low carb, healthy, light meals. I do however am cognizant that my CD food is expensive and if I know I will find it hard to make it happen these next few days, I don't want to start on them. I obviously wont be taking the days off work (I wish! ;)) but I know I need to stick to SS for at least 4-5 days at a stretch for it to become easier for me - and that's what I need the stretch of no-commitments for. I know that once it's ingrained, I will not be quitting until it's the right time.
I really want to do this too (rather that thinking I have to) I genuinely enjoy the drinks and love the feeling that comes with being light and in control but I also know that I need the free days to get really into it.
Thank you again hun! Really appreciate your words :)

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Awwwww It's great. You know what you want. Once we set our minds on something we can do it. Well make the most of your few days. wanna hear all the gossip especially on your date :0) Take care hun xxx