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i have a problem!

hiya, i need some advice, i got my xenical perscripted to me months and months ago and did it for a couple of days then stopped due to family issues, but the past 3 weeks i started taking it and have lost 10lb altogether, but i new a new script do u think they will give me 1? :confused::confused:
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Keeping my fingers crossed for you....I think it's best to just go in and be honest about how things have been for you. Doctors are human at the end of the day, and they should be pleased that you've managed to get yourself re-motivated and back on track.
I think the worst that could happen would be for them to ask you to come back in another month, and show you can lose weight on your own, before giving you another prescription. If this happens, don't lose heart - Xenical is only a helping hand, and you can carry on following a low fat diet in the meantime until you get another prescription and you'll still be losing weight.
Anyway, let's stay positive and hope that you get your fresh prescription without any problems! :)
i really hope so because i can just see it now they say no- i get disheartened and binge eat on a load of choccie and then my motivation will be lost for another few months and i dont want that to happen, kinda swaying towards if they say no to just buy alli for a month wot do u think? x
Yeah, Alli would be a good idea if the say no! Especially if it stops you from feeling disheartened, and keeps your motivation going!
Hopefully they'll just re-prescribe your Xenical, but it's good to have a strategy for the worst case scenario. And I know it's easy to say, but if you don't get it straight away, try to see it as a challenge rather than a defeat.
Set your mind to it, and show them you mean business. It'd be such a shame to undo all the good work you're doing now, because of an unsympathetic doctor! After all, you're doing this for YOU, not them!
Good luck :)
thankyou for the support hun, its really nice to know there is people out there i can talk to about it :) the doctor did perscript it to me without a problem she just took my height and weight again and then i go back every month like it should be, although i was quite surprised she didnt take my blood pressure, but im happy she fully supported me and encouraged me that i was doing everything right as im in this for the long haul, i want to get slim but at the same time i want a life style change of healthy eating ect,, and my lil boy loves to compete who can eat the most fruit and veg so ive got my 5yr old board all ready!! :) how long have u been on xenical? this is the most focused i have felt ever!! big up minimins for the wonderful support u can get :D xx

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