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I have a Wii!


A moaning old boot!!!!
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Ooooooohhhh, im jeleous, I really want one but my OH bought me an Xbox at Christmas coz I kept going on about it so he says im not getting a Wii too!!! :( :(
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I love my Wii:heartpump:

Watch out mind, it gets very competitive when the men join in!

My favs are the hula hooping and having a jog. Enjoy!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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I'm 70! (well thats what it tells me!) Ho hum! I suppose the only way is down! I've already clocked up 20 mins just trying things out! And yes OH is trying to beat all my scores!
Oh yes great fun I bet..... should be a laugh getting the OH to have a go..... or better still getting of the TV long enough for you have a Weeee ...oops!!! ( Wii) LOL!!



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Oh they're FAB aren't they! :D My faves are the steps (especially freestyle - i did a 30 min freestyle session on thursday while watching the biggest loser - how virtuous am i :D hehe), hoola hooping, and the ski jumping :)

I don't like the yoga or muscle workouts... i'm just not built right for them i'm afraid :eek: LOL


Bring it on!
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i never manage to get the tv long enough to play :( However my fit age was 37 (my actual age!) Shocker!! Have fun with it.


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh and has anyone unlocked the candle/flame/sitting down thingy one? I have, and tbh i think it's pretty pointless.

I do it when i'm feeling knackered after a steps session though, just to build up my wii fit time :eek: is that cheating? :eek: LOL


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I've stopped using mine, I really should get back on it again. I got all my stars for hula hooping, jogging, stepping and boxing. It doesn't seem to be opening any more activities for me in the aerobic section, just more yoga poses or muscle exercises which I don't do. I get bored doing them. I suppose I could try and beat my times :cool:
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OH I'm so jealous!!! I'm going to get one for xmas but thats such a long wait!!
I have the Wiifit (YES I got to the Candle one - my 4 yr old son completed it first time - LOL!!!). AND more recently I have got the EA Sports Active trainer one which came with resistance band and leg strap for the nunchuk.......it is GREAT!!! I am doing the 30 day challenge on it at the moment.... great idea.....AS GOOD AS the Wiifit I think!

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I loved mine when I first got it but since my darling son has taken his Wii to his dads and thats where its likely going to stay my Wii fit board/game will be on ebay by the end of the week :cry:

I miss it :sigh:


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I wanted one for ages but couldn't warrant spending £300 on the board, games and wii etc, and the only reason i was lucky enough to get one was that my nan decided to treat me and my sister and give us £250 each for no apparent reason! :D

i could have been sensible and paid some bills :eek: but that'd be a bit boring lol ;)


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I love mine....whats the candle one? i like the running...but have to listen to music or its gets boring.
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I really like the balance games. I've managed to get a perfect score on the heading one and also got a perfect 50/50 balance lot's of times too and the quickest time possible on the balance challenge! In fact I have a pictures of them somewhere, let me look lol

Hehe, a bit sad getting pics of them I know but I was proud lol

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