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I Have Good News About LovelyLauren!!!


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A little of everything!
I remember her!! I remember she had a few health 'traumas' (pg scare included! LOL!) at the start of the year?
Thats brilliant news, hope all is going well? She's early on isn't she?
lovely news for her :) please pass on all our congrats!


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Ar yeah very early days yet but shes very excited! :) x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Awwww thats fab news, and OMG Tanya @ your pic lol! Very funny! hehe! Is that your focused and determined face? Had to look twice to make sure I was seeing it right ahahaha!
Tell her congratulations from me

Well pleased for her
Thats really lovely news. Love to Mum-to-be and bubba!!!


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Ah! Fab news! Please pass on my love & congrats too! x


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i know you know you donut! lol x


I will be skinny again!!!
Who are you calling a donut, you biscuit? :p


maintaining since June'09
HaHa .... even the insults are food related!!!! LOL! xx


Here we go again!
That is fantastic news Tanya. Can you also pass on my congratulations and best wishes to her. Tell her to come on here sometime to have a chat with us all. I was only wondering about her last week too.


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My husband = My hero
Well hello my little loves!!

Was under strict orders to come and say hello, and it is long over due!

How is everyone? cant believe all those skinny faces looking back at me! well done to you all!!

Tis true, expecting my little bundle of joy here on the 10th feb still very early days, but im to excited to be supersitious! just going to cross my fingers!!

Dont know if you remmebr that my wonderful OH was in the army? well he has had an emergency posting to Afgan in 3 weeks (doesnt rain it pours) so wont be home until October, but willbe nice for him to come home to my swolen tummy!!

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments, will put scan piccies up etc,

im on face book

Lauren Hunt in the Liverpool network, if any of you want to add me

All my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Awww no way Lauren!!

Wish him the best of luck from us all here at minimins!! xxxx


My husband = My hero
Will do sweetie pie thanking you xxxxxxxxxx im sure u will hear al about it on facebook hah xxxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol will do!! Speak to your there chicken xxx

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