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I have just eaten


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You haven't ruined it if you don't let it take over the rest of the day. You've had a good week remember that. TOTM cravings are evil but must be satisifed - your body needs them!!


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Just a thought but maybe the fact that you haven't had any treats this week is what made you reach for the chocolate. Put this behind you but learn from it and don't let yourself get in the position where you're desperate for something. Build treats into your daily eating plan and you'll be less likely to stray from the path :)
As you've been so good all week, you might get away with it!

Don't panic, just enjoy your chocolate fest for the delicious treat that it was and move on. Don't let it be a binge! Have a great dinner and then a good day tomorrow too. Keep being good and in the long term you'll be fine :)



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yeahh thanks guys :) I had sw chips for lunch, and will be having pasta later so its been my only slip-up!! I will go out for a big walk tomorrow :)
i've been weak.....made a steak and leek suet pud and a bacon and leek roly poly for my hubby and sons and i've b een smelin it cook all afternoon...........i was goin to have pasta and beans, but i had bacon and leek roly poly.......must be a million syns.....no willpower today cos of totm..............:)


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I'm feeling very large and fat today. It's been making me nervous because I have WI on Wednesday and I've been going over and over what I've had to eat, and how many syns I might have had and was I really naughty? ... it's only reading this thread that has reminded me that I am due on imminently... so hopefully it's just the TOTM bloat and will disappear soon!

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