Frustration with SW consultant


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I've done SW in 3 different groups over the past few years and had several different consultants (in one group the leader left so we had a couple of "babysitter" consultants before we got a permanent one. ) I have had some I got on with and others I didn't like as much but never have I felt as frustrated as I do now😑

In my current group I have had great losses which I put down to my focus and motivation (I was getting in shape to do the Inca Trail which I did last month so have been really on it as I had a reason to do it. )

I love my current group. There are some really fun characters and we have a good laugh. It's also not too big so going round everyone doesn't take hours! Location and time wise it's also a good fit.

However, I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with my consultant. All she ever asks us in group is what have we cooked this week and whether we have tried anything new. If you have cooked one of her favourites such as "dirty rice" then she gets side tracked going on about how she loves it and has everyone tried it and then we have to be reminded of the recipe.

If you say " oh, I've been a bit naughty this week, I had pizza" , she will say something like "oh we won't talk about that" and then "your turn" is over.

If you have had a good loss and she asks you what you have done different and you say "lots of body magic" it's like she hasn't heard you and just ignores it and moves on. She clearly doesn't do any exercise and doesn't understand the benefits.

For the past few weeks since getting back from Peru I've really been struggling to get back on it. I know all the things I should be doing and eating and what I shouldn't eat, but I'm not doing it. I really need some help with motivation and I don't feel like I'm getting it.

It's starting to really irritate me now. I feel like if she asks me what I've cooked this week tonight I might throw a half eaten hi fi bar at her😂😂

But seriously - what would you do? I'm only half a stone from target so changing groups doesn't seem worth it. Also I go.with my OH though he is now at target. We chose this group as it was the only one we could easily make together .

Is it worth having a private chat with her, or texting her to say I know how to follow the diet. What I need help with is refocusing not knowing what to cook.

Does anyone have any advice?
Update *

Last night was much better. I posted on the FB page asking if we could talk about motivation and we actually spent a fair bit of time talking about how to motivate ourselves and also about exercise and different things you can do and how to get started for those who currently don't do any.

I'm still claiming bingo for the dirty rice recipe again though..She can't help herself😂😂😂
I can relate to this on so many levels. I went to group a few years back to lose weight for a holiday. It was my ONLY local group (I live fairly rural) and the consultant was AWFUL! She was so condescending and spoke to people like they were toddlers and was completely lacking in people skills and subtlety. I suffer from mild social anxiety, which was a bit worse at that time. When I joined the group I spoke to her privately and explained that I was very uncomfortable speaking in front of a large group of people or being the focus of attention and could she just skip me when she went round. She was seemingly very understanding and said of course she could do that. The very next group . . . going round the circle and got to me . . . "Oh everyone, this is Lisa. She's new here but she's not very comfortable speaking in front of the group so we're going to skip past her". Every single person turns round to stare at me. I could have cheerfully strangled her. :mad: That wasn't even the worst thing, as she seemed to be putting ON weight faster than the group was losing it and was constantly "clean slate'ing" it. :rolleyes: Not long after this, someone started a rival SW group in the same town and people started leaving her group in droves. Sadly the other group was only evening which I couldn't do so I went SW Online instead.

I'm glad you got a bit of improvement by talking to her. Knowing what I know now, I would 100% go straight to head office with any complaints.
Thanks for replying. I must admit I feel it's a bit harsh going to head office. I'm too soft. I will see if the improvement continues.

The other thing that drives me crackers is her constantly asking the group to deliver leaflets for her. No, it's your business you deliver your own leaflets. Imagine if you went into Dominos to collect your pizza and they asked you to deliver menus to all of your street on the way home😲

I don't ever remember this in other groups. Has anyone else ever been asked to do this?
If asked to deliver leaflets on your way home say it will cost you a free week. :classic_wink:
Go on the FB page group again and suggest something to talk about next week. Others are probably feeling the same as you but to afraid to say anything.