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i have posted before and after pics...


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:wow: what a difference!! Your looking fanbloodytastic! :D


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wow, you're looking great!
thanks for sharing them - is really good motivation :)
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Congratulations you look so much happier and slimmer in the second one . Your arms have really shrunk !!!!!. I have big arms too and this gives me hope:D:D


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Brilliant post, i love all the before and after pics there great!!, i agree with the girls you look so happy, and much more gorgeous. x


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You look fab! x


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Wow you look fantastic. Before and after pictures are so inspirational, thanks xx


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Woah thats a really great change you look a new person :D


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WOW you look great.


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How do i get to see the pics


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If anyone is interested, okay so the first one is not so flattering but you'll agree the difference is great! Funny that the pics are both for the same event too, one at the beginning at the LT journey and the second one about 3 weeks ago!
Hi RachieRoo
You look fab and glad you feel the same on the inside to:D


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Wow!! You have done so well, well done you :)


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OMG They're fantastic! You look brilliant, you should be proud!

And of COURSE we were interested in seeing them! Thanks for showing us. :) xx


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S: 12st0lb C: 9st5lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 24 Loss: 2st9lb(22.02%)
Thank you everyone, your comments are lovely!
I must admit I feel amazing and my confidence has improved ten-fold! Found these pics that a photographer at work took and I ( and my whole department )was shocked that I ever looked that big!, (I guess cos they see me every day!)

I am back to the old Rachel and I feel ( and I think I look - blowing my own trumpet here!!! -10 yrs younger than I am!!! -I'm 36 btw)

Am really loving re-feed got friends round tonight to celebrate me being able to eat again and I am cooking them a healthy Thai and I've made a low-fat Tiramisu (if that is possible) I'll let you know what it taste's like after I've had a tiny bit tonight,(I shall have mainly strawberries for my pud) and if anyone wants the recipe - tanya :D :) ???? - PM me! xx
First Re- feed weigh in tomorrow....hmmmmm..... so I'll let you know how it goes!
Thanks again for all your support and keep up all your good work with your losses!


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Gosh you look fantastic!! :D well done.

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