I have to be honest, I am dreading weigh-in tomorrow!


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I went off plan for Christmas and personally wouldn't have it any other way but I can't lie and say I am not totally dreading weigh in tomorrow, does anyone else feel the same?

i know it will come off and I did my SW shop today so I am 100% back on after weigh in tomorrow but I am still worried I might pass out or run out crying, lol :p
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im REALLY deading tomorrow! i know iv gone mad this week but i dont really care...at the end of the day its christmas and if you cant enjoy yourself on christmas when can you?!?!


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im REALLY deading tomorrow! i know iv gone mad this week but i dont really care...at the end of the day its christmas and if you cant enjoy yourself on christmas when can you?!?!

I have such a nice week with my family and boyfriend :) GORGEOUS foods though my relatives noticed that I eat much slower and much less now which is because of SW. Slimming all year is worth it if you can have a gorgeous roast dinner and mince pies :D

Looking forward to getting back on plan though - would be worse to not go to weigh in so thats what I keep telling myself. I just wish I could get the weigh in lady to either not say my gain or whisper it to me because with my luck I will be before and after people who have lost!


I will do this!!!
Ha thats exactly what iv been thinking....fingers crossed im not the only one with a gain! im sure you'll be fine its only a week :)


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Awww don't worry about it. You may not even have gained anything! I know I always "feel" fatter than I really am whenever I overindulge. But you're right, going back to group is the best thing you can do, it'll get your head back in the right place and you'll be raring to go! The great news is that if you gained anything you'll blast it all away in record time cuz its not real fat, more water retention and bloating. Good luck!


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Good luck for tomorrow, I to am due at WI and i'm not looking forward to it, but at least we are going back, thats a positive :D


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i aint sure how i feel about wi tomorrow dont think i went mad think i pretty much stuck to it will just have to see at wi heres hopping for a lose :(


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Good luck to you all. I'm sure you won't be the only one IF you do gain over Christmas, and your Consultant will have seen it all before so no big surprise for her.
My WI isn't until next week so I'll be a bit nervous then too xx


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I'm not looking forward to my WI tonight, not one bit - but I will go. I know that I have gained, I feel pretty awful but I enjoyed all the luxury food and nibbles so I knew it was coming.
I can't change anything but I need to face the music - I know a lot of people won't be going tonight for this very reason though!!


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I was off plan for three days over Christmas and enjoyed every sinful calorie-filled minute of it lol. No regrets at all.

I weighed at home Christmas Eve morning and again on morning of 27th and showed a 9.5lb weight increase!!

Even if my official weigh in (tonight) showed the same I wouldn't have minded - I really did enjoy Christmas and wouldn't have had it any other way.

Having said that, I weighed at home again this morning and it's now looking like I might show a 4lb or so increase tonight which is far more respectable lol.

Whatever it is though, no regrets. I am back on plan again (started yesterday), and intend to lose about another 6 or so stone between now and Christmas 2010 - allowing me to put on another 9.5lb next Christmas :)

Best of luck.

Oh, and I think this WI after Christmas is one of the most important during the year. If you know you have put weight on then it is vital to draw a line under it and have a new figure to start from. If you bottle going because you don't want to see an increase, you run the risk of not appreciating any weight you lose during the next week as you won't know that you've lost it! That in turn might lead to a 'low moment binge' which of course is gonna cause even more problems down the line. Ultimately the three days of enjoyment over Christmas drags on and becomes weeks and weeks of struggling and resentment.

Far better in my opinion to ringfence Christmas excesses and start afresh.


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Good luck - my WI isn't til Wednesday, but I do wish I could just get it over with. I don't suppose there are many people who actually want to step on those scales this week, but it needs to be done before we can draw a line under it and get on with the plan properly so that we're all healthy and gorgeous for the summer.


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Good luck to all of you with WI today/tonight. Agree with great post from Laddiesboy so important to get that WI done and draw a line under it.

Saying that I spent all of yesterday worrying about my WI last night and I STS so you never can tell, good luck all:D:D


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I weigh in today - loads of people in my class wont be there but as is said above christmas is christmas and loads of people will have put on - infact last christmas my whole class had if i remember correctly. Dont worry about it but do go.


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Best of luck - mine is tomorrow and im dreading it too but as someone said we are going back and that is a positive!


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my weigh in is on thurs - eek
really not looking forward to it


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Hiya. Well i'm in the same boat. I didn't "cave in" or owt. I just said, "this is my time to enjoy all the trimmings of crimbo, and this year i know it will mean that i will gain weight". Much better than just being surprised that my jeans are tight after two weeks of popping one in each time i walked past the mince pies! This year i genuinely don't think i've eaten as much as i have done before, but i know i haven't been on plan, so i won't be surprised. I might be horrified, but as Hobbithead said, I can draw a line under it - and after the last two weeks I'm looking forward to it. So in a twisted kind of way, I'm looking forward to WI!. Good luck everyone! x