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I have written a book...help needed.

I wondered if any of you know the procedure for submitting a book for publishing and the format in which a publishers likes to receive it.

My book is a children's book and I also need an illustrator. Do you know if a publisher can provide one. DH is really good but it is so hard to pin him down to doing them, which is a shame as he knew all the characters involved so he would put more heart into it.

We are such a diverse group work wise that I thought perhaps someone could help me. If not it is back to good old Mr. Google.

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There's a thread on here somewhere asking if anyone knows a celebrity. It's for a book and the person who posted it says they work for a publishers. I'll look for the link for you.


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It's not a publisher, it's a printing firm. We do things like direct mail and bank statements!

There are a couple of options in trying to find a publisher though. One way is to get yourself a literary agent which specialises in your genre of book, who will send it to publishing houses on your behalf. The good thing with this is that they will usually have a professional relationship with the publisher. Specialisation is the key. They may also give you editing tips.

Another way is to send a manuscript to a publishing house that specialises in children's literature. They will usually have their submission "style" on their website. If you're submitting an unsolicited manuscript (i.e. you've sent it to them speculatively) then make sure you enclose a SAE for them to respond or return it. Otherwise it'll go straight in the bin if they reject it.

Hope this helps!
My ex used to be a writer, and the majority of publishers don't tend to pay much attention to manuscripts sent in without an agent. Try to find the agent first, then they can do the hard work!
All excellent advice and thank you. I would never have thought of an agent.

Off to look now. xxxxx


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Good luck hun xxxx
Thanks !!!
Oh forgot to say - If a publisher wants you to pay any money, run away!

If the publisher think it will sell, they will invest their own money and carry out marketing themselves. Publishers asking writers to pay, do so because they don't think the book will raise enough profits to cover costs, and they are unlikely to carry out any marketing activity either.
Thanks again for that !!! Fore warned is fore armed.


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Sue, there is an annual publication called 'The Writers Handbook' (check on Amazon) which details publishers, agents, writers, illustrators and the like. It seems to be a 'bible' so might be worth the (current Amazon price) £8.98? 2011 version was published at the end of May so will be bang up to date!

xx :)
Thanks Cupcake.



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In fact no looks like they are between version, best bet is to pop into your local waterstone's they will be able to get you one from another store even if they don't have it in their own branch, or try the reference section of your local library :)
Thanks for the great advice.

I will have to look on Amazon......we do not have a Waterstones, but we do have an English book shop that I am sure could order it for me.

It sound like it could be money well spent.

Without doubt Ellebear.

The title is very apropriate,

Bernard The Not For Christmas Dinner Turkey.
Actually it is based on our pet Turkey and he is called Sir Bernard !!!!!! Only problem is he thinks he is a dog.

I had better look out !

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