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I just don't understand..

I weighed in today after a week of having ready meals in the evening so that i know I didn't go over my calories, etc, and I've only lost 1lb.

I know it's a loss and I should be pleased - it just seems that, for the effort I'm putting in, I am just not getting as a high a return as I am expecting> I really just don't understand how I can be losing less on SF than I was on SW?

Anyone else experienced this?

A xxx
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Loves to lose
Hi Cornish Angel, sorry to hear you're disappointed.. erm I'll see if I might be able to help somehow..would you be able to tell me what you're eating/doing on an average day or throughout the week? Maybe we can get to the bottom of it although sometimes it just works that way :( keep your chin up xx

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Hi lovely.
I'm so glad you posted this (not because you only lost one pound, of course you deserve more with all the hard work you've been putting in!)

I have recently lost 2 stone 2lb on slimming world, and switched to slim fast as my weight losses had gone down to 1/2 a pound or a pound per week and I wanted them to be bigger/lose weight faster etc.

Two weeks on slim fast (which is hard after slimming world!!!) 28 shakes, 14 500- 600 calorie meals later and I have lost a grand total of... 2 lbs!

one pound the first week and one pound today.
I was absolutely gutted, to say the least! I wanted to throw the towel in, I was eating MUCH more on sw, enjoying my food etc...and now I'm hungry, moody and not losing more weight!

However, I've come to terms with the fact that maybe my body just wants to lose slowly at the moment.
And while I'm not over the moon about it, it's okay.

I really was close to giving up yesterday, but since I want this really badly (and haev already bought the shakes :p) I'm really going to give it my all for the next two weks
(I have made a 100% 2 week challenge thread about this - feel free to join us :p) and really stick riggidly to the plan, drinking all the water, doing all the excerise and HoPEFULLY *fingers crossed) I will lost at least 3lbs in the next two weeks... and if, after really giving it 100%.

Then I will come to terms with the fact that slim fast is not for me.. and try something else (more than likely go back to sw since I am missing the sw chips a great deal!)

It's so weird, on sw I find myself swaying off plan, yet while on sf I can't help thinking 'if I was allowed one free food I wouldn't go over' or whatever. haha.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling.
Well done on the pound, good luck with this week and DO NOT WORRY!

You can do this hun! :bunnydance:

Hi love
I am same as u guys, have lost just a pound but I resigned myself to that must be just how my body wants to do it slow but sure! As long as I keep on loosing I fine with it! I was a lil disappointed still but cos previous wks it has been 2lb a wk n that seems alot more but we will carry on regardless girls!!!
Keep yr chin up, shoulders back n walk on xxx
Thanks girls :) - I just felt so down, but thank goodness it's not just me!!! SO demoralising when you do have to take a huge hit coming to SF after SW (not having any free food is really hard!), and you don't lose what you feel you deserve....

I mean, to be honest I think I am already doing it rigidly! How much water do you think and what exercise? I shall join with you in the two week challenge because I really do want this to work, but like you, I will have to change again if I don't start getting results.

Lets see how we get on!!

Anita xxx


Loves to lose
it could be possible that your body/metabolism needs more calories than it's currently getting if sw worked for you? x

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Hi Anita!

I'm going for 8 glasses a day and excersise 30 mins a day minimum!

Good luck babe x

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