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I keep dreaming that I'm eating


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That's happened once to me at the start.....it was so weird. Like you I woke up really sad and let down and then I realised it was a dream...... nice to know then i hadn;t messed up :)

My OH eats in his sleep. It's very funny to watch. I always want to know what he was having but he has no idea the next morning xxx


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Sorry. I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing at me!! I do this, quite a lot! I thought it was just me being a weirdo!! My last one was last night actually. I was eating a huge bowl of pasta salad thing and had a mouthful when I realised and was just stuck because I didn't want to swallow it but didn't want to spit it back on the plate in front of my sisters!


Oh all the time but more so at the start.

Once I dreamt I was eating a 6foot Jelly baby. A big Black one. I had hidden it in the kitchen, from Husband, so kept sneaking it and pulling handfuls off the big chap.

Theres probably some Freudian connotation in there somewhere but it was brilliant irrational guilt inducing lunacy.


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i did this last week during my first week and mine was smarties i was shovelling them in so quick and then woke up thinking i can't eat i can't eat.

I don't know the last time i had smarties must be 10+ years ago hee hee how crazy our minds are.

I would love a big black jelly baby to hide in my kitchen hee hee


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Hey Ruth
Sneaky suspicion that you will know who I am.....! PM me? Anyway - am back on CD this week and thought I'd pop in here for some support rather than boring those around me. You know I've done this before, well, I used to dream of food ALL the time. Usually things like bacon and eggs, or a curry. One night I seemed to spend the whole night having a meal out at the indian restaurant, dreamt the whole thing logically and in order, menu, pint, order, poppadoms, the lot. Bonkers.
I guess there's not much you can do other than very firmly tell yourself its a dream, its not real, and get up and go and do something else instead! Like have a drink of water....

you're doing really well so far, well done
Thanks all! I'm glad I'm not the only looper then!
Yes - have had loads of those dreams....always eating chocolate - the other night it was one of those Frys Mint Creams and I don't even like them! Body craving sugar - at least it is happening in the dream and not really happening so I see it as a weight loss friendly outlet!
I dream I am eating all the time! Usually cake, for some reason! But am quite jealous of the enormous black jelly baby dream! That's brilliant! xx
Haha I do this often too. I woke up this morning having just eaten 6 massive cookies (the type you buy in a paper bag from tescos) and felt guilty till I realised it was a dream.

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