I know its probably been asked a million times but...


I normally loose between 1 and 2 lbs a week. I exercise when I can but not as often as i should but I have a pretty active job!
Good luck!
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16/08/08 - 13st START WEIGHT
23/08/08 - 12st 10lbs -4
30/08/08 - 12st 9lbs -1
06/09/08 - 12st 8lbs -1
13/09/08 - 12st 6lbs -2
20/09/08 - 12st 4 lbs -2
27/09/08 - 12st 3lbs -1
04/10/08 - 12st 3lbs STS
11/10/08 - 11st 12.5lbs -4.5
18/10/08 - 11st 12.5lbs - STS
25/10/08 - 11st 11lbs -1.5
31/10/08 - 11st 9.5lbs -1.5
07/11/08 - 11 st 7lbs - 2.5 TOTAL lost 21lbs
14/11/08 -
21/11/08 -
28/11/08 -
05/12/08 -
12/12/08 -
19/12/08 -
24/12/08 - XMAS EVE (goal 10st 12lbs)


Slowly but surely!
S: 17st5.5lb C: 16st5lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.95%)
Hi lighterlifer, I think 1lb a week is easily achievable, I had sneaky look at scales today and ive already lost more than last week so roll on sat (WD), I think SF is easier than lighterlife, I lasted less than a week, with SF you can get through the day by looking forward to a nice dinner, and I have a treat every saturday and am still loosing, let us know if you give SF a go and how it works for you x


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S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Have no idea what you can expect to lose on average but i would say that your target is easily acheivable - just set your mind to it and i'm sure you'll succeed.
How about setting yourself a november target of 2lb per week? (i know we're 2 weeks in but no harm in that!

Missal x