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I Love Sunday Mornings.

:p :D gotta love Atkins!
I'm in maint laura, so yes I can have the odd carby thing, including the toast it's all piled on top of. :D


Fat busting crime fighter
Maint? Bloody show off!
I'll off and have a look at that Laura.
Jim - looks amazing does that, no wonder you enjoy your sunday mornings!
i much prefer daddies brown sauce, but no idea if there's any way to try and make something similar and low carb?
Normally it would have been HP sauce Mick, but we'd run out of that. :D
i normally just have a dollop of mayo on my plate now, no matter what i'm eating!
LOL yes, I did that for a long time, I found the lack of sauces and gravies a problem in the first couple of years on Atkins Mick.
to be honest Jim, i don't miss the cream, cheese, etc, cos i've never really had them over the yrs - had a lot of migraines from an early age, and docs always advised steering clear of dairy stuff, as they thought stuff like that triggered them off, so never developed the taste for them. thank god for being allowed mayo tho, that's all i can say!
Mayo, butter and olive oil are my mainstays even now Mick.
I've got toast envy!

Laura going to make the tomato ketchup it sounds fab. Now really impress us and see if you can come up with a brown one too!

Still thinking about toast - it seems so wrong now I can finally have the butter I can't have the blimmin toast!
Laura, can't believe I missed your post for brown, above the one I've just put on - I'm such a donkey!

A tired donkey at that - night all.

mmmmmmmmmm toast xxxxx
LOL, shame about the cup of brown sugar, but I notice the original HP has molasses as one of it's major ingredients. Oh well, I am in maint and it's not a daily dose. :D
thanks for the brown sauce post, Laura, i'm going to give it a bash at the weekend, i think!
I'll be interested in how that turns out Mick.
me too Jim, i'm not famed for my culinary expertise lol, but if i don't try, i'll never know!

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