Christmas Challenge: Maintain (or Lose) over the Holiday

Jié Xī

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Anybody want to challenge themselves to at least maintain their current (or pre-Thanksgiving) weight through Christmas and New Years?

My weight jumped up nearly a stone over Thanksgiving weekend (ie. Wednesday through Sunday). I will assume most of that is water retention, but nevertheless, I wish to get back down to my pre-Thanksgiving weight and then maintain that until final weigh in week (the week of Jan 2) at which time I will resume weight loss efforts.

FrenchChic 11lb gain // 2 lost // 9 lb still to lose
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Well, I've lost 4.8 of the pounds I gained. Working my way back down to my pre-Thanksgiving weight.

FrenchChic 11lb gain // 5 lost // 6 lb still to lose
Apparently, I am in this challenge by myself, lol. But I'm now within 4 pounds of my pre-Thanksgiving weight. I'm really, REALLY trying to get back to it by Christmas Eve, so crossing my fingers that I will not give in to the super strong urge to snack.

FrenchChic 11lb gain // 6 lost // 4 lb still to lose