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I mean it enough this time to.................


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To go swimming! I think, lol.
But being over 22 stone the thought and fear is crippling. I can't even bring myself to order a costume, let alone get in it and use it. I used to love swimming and no it would do me good but i don't want to be laughed at. I'm going to look like a whale :(

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aawww you're not going to look like a whale hun.
If you're too self-conscious (sp?) then pick a time to go when it's ladies only or something.

I was just over 21stone when I first went swimming. I was sooooo scared that my best friend had to practically drag me from the changing room to the pool! But no-one even looked in my direction! Everyone is busy doing what they're doing and stuff.

I got an awesome costume too,it's a 2 piece. The top is a longer top with built in support,and the bottom is a swim skirt. So Im covered up lots. Swimdresses are the way to go I think!

But yeah,go for it. You'll be fine :)
Be brave honey and do it. Buy a cossie, and go swimming.

I did it, and I had a great time. You'll feel such a sense of achievement when you go.



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Well i have bought a cossie (and some swim shorts) hubby is going to take me in the evenings because they're open till 10, so thought i'd be quieter. Well nervous though!
hi ya! this is my first post :D i used to love swimming but now at 17 stone and after 3 kids (1 twin pregnancy) i just dont have enough confidence. at my local pool they have ladies nights so maybe your pool does something like that too.


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I always worry, but when I do brave it to go with the kids, I always wonder why, as no one looks or is bothered in the slightest. Go for it, its a great way to exercise.:)
I'll go if you go!! I always used "I dye my hair" as an excuse as I didn't want to ruin the dye job lol... but I've stopped dying it now so I have no excuse, it is only me stopping myself...
Moment of clarity...

I have no excuse, it is only me stopping myself...
I really feel the fear of embarrassment re swimming - I have always felt self-conscious in a cossie, even when I was a skinny kid, but now I'm so very overweight it will take more courage than I currently possess...
However, Auburn's comment really pulled me up sharp as it sums up so much of my whole life - it has only ever been me stopping me from doing so much but I needed it pointed out to me, so thanks Auburn!
See you ladies in the pool - though I may be swimming in a kaftan!

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