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Went to the super market today to stock up on sparkling water and they had an offer on chocolate bars (buy a 5 bar pack and get a 5 bar pack free)
So I bought a pack of double deckers (and get one free) A pack of crunchies (and get one free) and a pack on cadburys caramel (and one free) so thats a total of 30 chocolate bars !!!! I thought I'd hide them and have them when I come off Liptotrim ;) Isnt that what made me fat in the first place!!!!! What the eck am I doing!!!! I just could not stop myself, they are still in the boot of my car because my husband will think I ve lost the plot!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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give them to your hubby now! or someone else! give them out at work or to friends. surely it'll be too tempting knowing they are close by?!


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uh oh!!!!!!!

how about melting the caramels down to make something or better still go give them to a homeless charity or something?
Cop them all into bite sized pieces then freeze them. The you can have them as treats (for life with that amount!).


Here we go again!
OMG Double Deckers were my absolute fave before this! I loved them, hadn't thought about them until you mentioned them.

If there are any special offers on like that I can buy them for the family and they don't bother me now if they're in the house. Must be starting to break my bad habits at last.

Next time just don't buy them if it's too hard to have them in the house. Well done for leaving them in the car and not being tempted though.


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OMG!!!! You HAVE to dump them!!! Do you really want to go to such effort and lengths to lose weight only to have a store of goodies waiting for you to put it all back on???? Hun be strong.....DUMP THEM!
Scream!!! Give them away NOW...this very minute! how dare you even THINK about doing that to your body EVER AGAIN! After such a detoxing effect Lipotrim gives you, to have a clean slate and WORSHIP your slim body with lovely healthy food, you are actually intending to desicrate it with loads of sugar & fat filled crap !?!!

Words fail me..........!!!!!!


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give them to the kids at Easter isntead of easter eggs...

do little goody bags


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ooooh thats a good idea!! :D

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