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I need advice!

Hi, my name's Gemma and I'm actually doing lighter life but I need some info for my mum. She needs to lose 3 stone to have an operation but cant afford lighter life so I've been researching and found this great site! I hadn't heard of lipotrim before but I know you can get it either through your GP or pharmacy from reading other threads.

Problem is my mum has type 2 diabetes and has to take insulin every day. My question is can she do the lipotrim programme when she's taking insulin? I know she cant do the cambridge diet but I cant find information anywhere telling me she cant do lipotrim... Can anyone help me?!? :help2:
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Im not too sure on this one.....someone who does know may come along or there is a website lipotrim web page
this site may be able to tell you....if not there is a free phone number you can ring 0800413735.
Hope this helps...!
Thanks Sonya! Thats a great help. I'll try the number :)
The office is closed at the mo so I'll try ringing again tomorrow. I cant find anything on the website saying she wouldnt be able to do it because of her diabetes...

If anyone else knows more about this than I do please let me know.

Thanks again Sonya!
Hi Chinchilla, I dont know for sure but from what I've heard I think you can do lipotrim with diabetes as I think I met someone in the pharmacy who was diabetic and she was on it- although dont quote me on that- I've often been hungover at my weekly weigh ins so may not be too reliable a source lol. yep phone helpline I'd say they'll be able to tell you for sure- sorry cant be more help!


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I can remember filling in a health form asking if I had diabetes etc, so maybe you can. You should definately call the helpline number, they should be able to tell you of your nearest supplier, usually a chemist, not many gp`s do it.

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