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I need help and advise Please

Hi All,
I have a dilemma, I am booked into a meal and rugby game with 8 couples on saturday and dont know what to do. Its a corporate event so its not something i can tell everyone. :cry:
How on earth do I get through this????? What do i do? cheat on salads? I am soo good and dont even get tempted but it is such an awkward situation. Its my second weigh in tomorrow.
Any siggestions???? HELP PLEASE
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Hi Skinny, tell them you are doing a diet the doctor as recomended and it is important you stick to it like glue. Then nibble away at a flapjack. You'll be fine, good luck!


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Yep i would go with that hun xx

xx Cathy xx

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Yeah me too. When I did the diet last year I had to go to a family friends christening with meal etc afterwards. I sat there with a pint of water and a flapjack. People did ask so I said I was on a strict diet etc and when I said how much I usually lost they left me alone. Also managed to get through a BBQ with the hosts mother saying "oh go on have something, you can diet tomorrow". Just grin and bear it and everyone will admire your willpower!
Yeah I like that one lill too.
Thank a million for the feedback guys, I'll probably go with saying my tummy's ill, maybe order a salad and play with it on the plate hahahhah (i'm terrible) but just dont fancy sitting eating the flapjack at the table in front of strangers. If it was family or close friends I wouldnt have a problem and would just say it. The things we have to do :sigh:
Anyway on a more positive note I'm going to have a shower now and go to get weighed for the second week :) fingers crossed its a good one x be back later with the results......this is like the x Factor :D


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Lol good luck skinny, make sure you go to the loo before you go!! xxx
I'm back and lost 3.5lb's .....I thought it would be more but I am expecting to much! 11lbs in 2 weeks is apparently above average according to the pharmacist. So i'm happy with that. Role on next week. Oh and also she told me to try toasting the flapjacks there supposed to be nice like that :confused:
Nice 1 Skinny, its coming off you just keep at it:)
You could pretend u have to go to hospital the next morning and are under strict instructions from the doctor to fast 24hrs b4 hand. Always works 4 me :D
Hi Novice, that is an excellent idea. Thanks a million. They aren't going to ask any deeper questions after that. xx Cheers for that :D
Well done hun 3.5lb is great xx
:DGot through today without any problems xx said it was a check up but they asked me to fast just in case. Now i'm going to confession !! :D
:D:D:D nice one. you lickle liar!;)
I know i feel bad.... (not) hahahah:D Its just part of the diet!
I meant to ask how can i put a pic on my sign on thing? I cant find it.
you need 20 posts I think. but its in the blue up top under Usercp then edit avatar I think?:)

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