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I need help!


I suffer from depression and anxiety and have been on all sorts of meds for these for 7/8 years. I never had a weight problem before beginning meds but now i am overweight by 3/4 stone and have been yo yo-ing for years.

I feel almost hopeless with the weightloss. I joined weight watchers a few months ago, again! b gut just gave up trying, i dont know why....it was like i was a zombie and wasnt even there! I lost 15 lbs but it is all going back on now that I am on my own. I feel very low about this problem and it is affecting other areas of my life.

I need to know there is hope for me!!!

Also, it would be great to have someone to talk to for support and to report back to.

When am i going to start living??

Unicorn :(
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Hi Unicorn, I well know what it is like to suffer from depression as I have been there, done that and got the T shirt!...lol!
Mind you..not a laughing matter at all, is it?
I wonder what you are expecting to happen by going on a diet? Perhaps an instant cure for all your ills .. as most of the doctors would have us believe. Unfortunately depression is one of those things that very rarely goes away you just have to learn how to control it and know the trigger points.

So as far as the dieting is concerned, don't berate yorself so much as you are just like the rest of us... in other words - human! Non of us have the ability to stay 100% ALL the time, in fact if a week goes by when I have managed to stay "in control" I am over the moon.

Just take it one day at a time and keep on posting so we can help you as you progress, as I am quite sure you will.
Start a diary and put in it whatever you like... how you are feeling, or what you have done each day so you will be able to keep track of all the ups you have as well as the downs. There is nothing better than being able to see that you have accomplished something, even if only a small thing, during the day or week.

Take care and all the very best to you....:)
You are most definetly not on your own,I too suffer from anxiety and I'm on meds and even though my husband is fantastic and supportive I do feel as if I'm on my own as I am the one who is suffering,I have also stopped and restarted SW so many times over the last few months,now I've had my little rant :) feel free to rant or talk to me when ever you feel like,also every one on here are really supportive,so there will always be some to talk to.
good luck
Haven't been to weight watchers in weeks. Dont know what to do....
just could not face joining again for the 4th time!!! Wish i had any bit of consistency with the weight loss.....it feels like im getting further away :(
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Hello there, sorry to read you feel so down, if you don't feel up for joining WW again yet, then how about starting a diary on here and make sure you post at least once a day in it and keep a track of your food in there.

I'm no expert but there are great people who will give some good advice on here.
Thanks for the kind and thoughtful replies!
The compulsive hunger from the meds is mostly gone, now its just the emotional hunger which i give in to and overeat.
I suffer from anxiety and eat to numb it, could not bear to go through the anxiety full on without eating. But then the guilt sets in and makes the vicious cycle worse.

I have the motivation but i just cannot seem to be strict enough on myself and stick to it!!!! I find the new WW's propoints a bit confusing for me and prefer to count calories which seems to work ok.

You're right, i need to make a diary here and report back to it at least once weekly with my progress, i feel i need someone/where to report back to.

Feel hopeless, 15 st 10lbs. Ok, weightloss goal this week:-2lbs!!!!!

Will report back soon

Thanks everyone
S: 34st4lb C: 32st12lb G: 17st1lb BMI: 57.5 Loss: 1st6lb(4.17%)
You seem abit more positive, what's good.

Good luck on your journey. :)
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Hi, my advice to you would be to forget about going on a diet. Just try eating as much fresh/unprocessed food as possible and try to avoid the diet versions of food. Food really does affect your mood so eat the best quality nutrition you can.

For portion control things like using smaller plates/bowls really do work. Personally I divide my plate into one half veggies, one quarter protein, one quarter carbs.

My problem has always been stress/emotional eating. In the past I'd keep to a diet then after about 3 months in some problem would arise, work/family etc. and I'd fall off the wagon. This time I made a determined effort to change my thinking and keep myself occupied.

I started small just aiming for one good day a week. Setting small challenges like having one chocolate free day a week or a no meat day a week. It easily snowballed into wanting more than that one day a week and now it is usually 5/6 good days even 7 sometimes.

After about 3 months of doing this, the scales were up and down like a yoyo, one day it suddenly felt right to begin properly and start to count calories. Since then I haven't really looked back, and I think in the last 4 months there have only been 2 weeks where my weight has STS'd, every other week there has been a loss of some sort.

There is no rush, you are still healing from the depression and weaning yourself off the meds. The body needs time to readjust itself. One of the best things you can do is to stay as stress free as possible.

Treat yourself kindly and come on here and vent if you need to, there's always someone around to listen and sympathise.
Fighting the anxiety :)

Hi guys,
Thanks so much for all the advice and support. Wow, JLS and Tranquility...you guys have achieved so much!

Tranquility...you're spot on....that's exactly what is best....i find that when i start eating a lot of processed food it wreaks havoc with my mood and appetite, how about you? You sound like you are doing brilliant, keep up the good work!!!

Eating has been better this week, less chaotic anyway! I think my weakness or problem area lies in unplanned snacking and giving into the anxiety at night.

Well, my clothes do not feel as tight as the last week or two....i think maybe some of the bloating may be going down.

This year I feel far stronger and have better coping mechanisms in place for when the lows began to come back.
I was very anxious today that it felt almost inevitible that I would have a panic attack tonight....but I tried really hard to overcome it.....went for a nice walk and a few bricks fell down from the wall with music practice :)
I have another little goal now tonight...there is an Elevenses choc chip bar beside my bed...I am trying to put things into perspective...it is only a snack and wont change anything....will be so delighted if I dont eat it tonight :)

Jogging training again tomorrow-5K run is in 10 days....jogged/walked the route in under an hour on Wednesday so thrilled with myself :)

Sorry for writing for so long....just to even write it all out is so great.....
S: 16st2lb C: 14st13.7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.3 Loss: 1st2.3lb(7.21%)
Well done you!! That's terrific and you sound in much better spirits.

Don't forget that even when ... and it's bound to happen sooner or later ...the blips occur, it's something we all tend to do and more often than not it can be assimilated into your daily programme.

Have a happy W/e and see you soon ... :)
S: 362lb C: 292.8lb G: 170lb BMI: 47.3 Loss: 69.2lb(19.12%)
Well done unicorn. You seem to be keeping yourself balanced.

Writing is very good therapy. So come on here and write away, no one judges you on here I've found whatever you write, and believe me I write some weird stuff at times lol.

Have a good weekend.
Hi guys, very very anxious tonight but am just about getting through the night without numbing it with food! Feeling less bloated and staying away from the weighing scales....weighed myself yesterday and it messed with my head!

Stuck to 1750 kcals today which I havent managed to do in a while!
Feel sick in my throat and can feel the anxiety in my body but i guess I'll just have to wait until it passes....

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