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I need more than just this diet to lose weight


Slimming down the aisle
I've realised that me doing CD in itself won't get the weight off, well, it will, but there are things that I need to do to make it better! So here are my new years resolutions... 6 months late!

1 - drink my damn water!!
I find it hard, I really do. I'm not used to drinking much at all and I know it'll be reducing my losses, so I need to fix it!

2 - take my damn thyroxin tablets!
I've got an underactive thyroid and I always forget to take them, I've set an alarm on my phone to go off each morning at 8 to remind me

3 - Exercise
I'm going to go swimming at least once a week, preferably 2 or 3. Plus a nice long walk on a Sunday. It's by building up a healthy lifestyle that I'll be able to maintain.

4 - Destress!!
I get stressed quite easily and situations lately with family, jobs and uni have stressed me and it's been shown that stress s associated with insulin resistance and increased abdominal fat.

Hopefully all these things ill help me shift the pounds faster and just be healthier and happier!
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loving life
Good for you Caroline, it's good to have a plan and one that keeps you motivated. I'm sure you are gonna get there with determination like this. Good luck. Zoe xx


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Hi Caroline, that sounds like a good list of things to do!
Do you have the energy for that amount of exercise each week though? Sometimes I'm pooped after my 10 min walk from my car to my office in the morning! But I've always been inherently lazy, so maybe that's just me ;)

The water drinking is definitely a good idea though as I hear you can get a little bit constipated (sorry if TMI!) if you don't drink enough each day.

Good luck with your resolutions :)


Slimming down the aisle
Well on SS, no, I can do a short session in the gym but that's about it! But because I don't have a job yet for the summer and I'm a student I've moved up to the 1000 step as it brings it down from £50 a week to £25, my parents buy the food! So while on 1000 I should easily have enough energy for that, I would think!


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Ahh, that sounds like a plan!
I know what you mean about the water, I never usually drink water, dont like it really, but have been really good since starting CD drinking about 5-6 pints a day. I'm not doing this because i'm enjoying it but because i've got to get the job done properly and will do whatever it takes. Hopefully it will become habit in the end.

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