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I need to be healthy


Hello everyone. I was directed to this site by members of another forum. I've been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight with Weightwatchers, and have now signed up to Slimming World as a friend has joined too, so hopefully we can give each other some support.

I'm a widowed mum of one small boy. Now his dad isn't around (who incidentally was supposedly the slim, fit, healthy one) I feel that it's even more important that I lose weight so that my son has one of his parents around for a lot longer.

When I first started trying to lose weight (February 2005) after having my son, I weighed 17 stone 2 lbs. I was down to 14 stone when I was widowed in 2009. I'm now 17 stone 6....most widows lose weight, but not me.

I'm not looking for big losses every week. A small slow steady loss will do. I'm on extra easy for the first week, and have already seen my meals become more structured....I have cooked things instead of peering into the freezer and then making toast instead of proper food. I have also eaten a lot more fruit.

My first weigh day is Thursday. Fingers crossed for a loss. It won't be a big loss as I was keeping to my WW points more or less, even if it was mostly used on toast. Oh and don't panic, I feed the child properly, with potatoes veg etc.

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I have started today on a positive note. I have walked my small son to school which is 15 minutes walk there and the same again back for me. I will do the same again this afternoon. I am also knitting a scarf for the boy as he has requested a red scarf made by me. It's not possible to knit and eat, so this can only be good.


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Well done you, sounds like you are in the right frame of mind to stick to plan!! Good luck with it x


I had my first WI yesterday and I'm now 3lb less than when I started :)

I made SW quiche for my lunch today. I used potatoes as a base, and used eggs, cottage cheese, onions and tomatoes mixed together as a topping. It was yummy.

I've also found some little pots of my favourite yoghurt. They're 5 syns a pot, but as I'm trying to stay away from chocolate and alcohol for now, I have enough syns to have one most days.


OK, so I am the worlds worst online diary keeper. I didn't give up by the way, I carried on from February until August, when I hit a bit of a glitch. Without wanting to seem ungrateful, I was one of the nominees for our group's woman of the year....the glitch was I had to stand up and say a bit about my weight loss journey and why I was losing weight.

Total fail!!!!!

I can talk about my husband's death online, I can talk about him to my son....but not to a group of people that don't know me that well. The worst part was that due to it being school holidays I was taking my then 6 year old son to group with me. There was no way I was able to stand in front of him and say I am trying to lose weight because I'm scared I'll die too and he'll be left alone.

I had an interlude of two months when I ate a of of toast and tried to get a grip of myself. I've now joined as an online member. I will try to do better with my diary.....


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Hi there i've found it difficult to talk in class and i've not been in your situation- well done for deciding to carry on I've found in the past it doesn't take much for me to stop! I'll look forward to following your progress well done on the 30lbs so far thats brill xx