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I need wise words to help me

ok so you all know i was on xenical for 3 months (from nov till jan) went back to doctor and she said she didnt think they were working.as i had only lost 10lb in this time.. so i decided i would still stick to the rules and start more exerice.. (alot of walking and 30 day shred twice)..but my weight has not changed.neither has my measurements. i dont know what else to do...
can someone, anyone suggest anything.as i dont know what else to do.
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Can i ask are you eating enough for the exercise your doing? i know it always seems like stupid question to ask, but if your not eating enough then your body is going to start storing what you are eating. I am not really much good at giving out advice


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have you had your thyroid checked? x


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also, and i dont mean this to sound patronising, but do you use my fitness pal (or similar)? since i've been using that i've really noticed what i'm eating, and often put stuff on that before i eat, just so i can see whats in it. maybe you're consuming more than you think xxx
hiya girls.. yes i use nearly all or all my cals, and yes zoso i do use fitness pal and always write what i eat. content of fat and cals.
No not had throid checked.. doc has never mentioned it.. how would i know if it needs checking.?


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well, i'm afraid i dont know, i just know that often if your weight isn't coming down it could be an underactive thyroid, my friend has that problem. i think if you have an overactive thyroid you have trouble putting weight on.


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ps, you can add me on mfp if you like, my username is zosobaby, cos some swine already has zoso! x
No Rachel im pretty fit really and active..i have good skin for my age lol. so i dont think its that.. i just dont know.
zoso.. i have only really go on mfp to see what cals im aloud that day i havent worked out how to use all of it properly. but thanks for the offer.x
some of the symptoms of underactive thyroid

dry brittle hair
dry skin especially on knees and elbows
hoarse voice and frequent sore throats
fatique but also coupled with inablity to fall asleep
limited appetite
weight gain
loss of body hair (wierd but true)
irregular periods

these are just a few of the symptoms that i display when i need my medication tweaking, might have to really pester doctor because hypothyroidism is often mistaken for depression due to the lethargy, very frustrating


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I would definitely talk to your doctor about it. There should be some tests they can run to find out if there is a medical reason for you not being able to lose weight. I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS which is known to make it difficult to lose weight, due to an insulin resistance. And my thyroid is borderline, but with my mum and my gran and a lot of other family members suffering with underactive thyroids, it's pretty likely that mine will swing that way too. They keep a check on me to make sure. Definitely talk to your doctor though, you may not have either of those conditions, but it could be something else. Good luck! x
Hi I have a underactive Thyroid. The only symptons I have really is that I get tired alot, some days I just wanna sleep all day and not go to work but I cannot lose weight. I do really struggle. I exercise most days of the week, walking, gym, zumba and aquafit but i dont lose anything either.

Im gonna stick with these tablets for another month and if no luck Im considering a Shake Diet with no food for a bit to get started :( good luck x x x
Autumn.......alter your calories by a 100 up/down for a week(alternate them daily)....sometimes it kick starts the metabolism..
When you walk make sure your not going too brisk as I done this for over a week and lost nothing, yes you burn more calories at a higher rate exercise but you burn more carbs than fat !!
.....to lose weight I have had to drop my pace to 3.1-3.2mph.....to burn fat its about exercising for longer at a slower pace........try this way hun ....I know it works...(i bought the polar ft7 which allows me to see what I am burning and where my zones are ) xxxxx
Thanks sharon i knew you would have an answer.!! ill try this and see how i get on..im so busy this week with my girls being off and Mark and i out most days for a walk before he goes to work.. but ill do as you have mentioned and see what happens.x
Let me know how you get on hun......I was speaking to my old school mate who is a Personal trainer and he told me the same as I have mentioned....so goodluck hun and you can do it xxxx

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