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I need your help

Hi all, as you can probably tell due to me not posting I lapsed - again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so dreadful with myself I am starting a fresh tomorrow I know I have said this before but I seriously mean it this time
- please don't lose faith in me I really need your support!!!!!!!!
I will post throughout the day tomorrow and keep my laptop handy so I can write when I feel the need to eat!!!!!!!!
Please help me stay on track this time I have 10 weeks till I leave for NEW YORK to get MARRIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you
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Hi Looby Lou,

Just put today behind you and think of tomorrow. You can do this, keep thinking positive and try and banish those negative thoughts.

Remember this is a support forum we are all here to support you whatever, so stop worrying and think of tomorrow. Whatever you do dont stop posting even when things arent right as that is when you need support the most.

Good luck sending you positive vibes and hugs.:hug99:


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Lindsey, Although can't speak for everyone, am confident that most will say the same as me - we will not lose faith in you! But it does seem that you are losing faith in yourself. PLEASE don't lose faith.

Just focus on one day at a time, or if that is too long a period, focus on an hour at a time, and build it up from there. If you feel you want to eat - go and do something different for half an hour, before you know it you'll have forgotten about grub.

You have a magical day ahead of you, your day to be a princess. Just think how precious that day will be when, in just 70 short days, you'll have lost a lot, if not all, the weight you want to lose.

Good luck honey


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Corey, you are a darling. Finding the right thing to say can be hard, but you know how to and it helps us all.:gen126:


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Lindsey we are not going to lose faith in you at all - don't worry yourself about that ..... also though you need not to worry about what others might think/feel - this diet can be hard enough to do and it will make it even harder if you're worrying about the reactions/thoughts of others.

You just do the best you can for you xxx
Hows it going Lindsey?
Keep the faith, 10 weeks is plenty time to lose a serious amount of weight, I'm a bridesmaid in 5 weeks and determined to look fab in my dress, although need to get back on with abstinence to do it!!!! An hour at a time, try to keep yourself busy and drink loads of water. Ta ta for now. x


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Lindsey, keep it up - not long to your wedding and you can certainly eat that day!

Set a few mini targets for yourself - little steps that you will easily achieve and this will give you confidence.

I don't know if you do much walking, but perhaps taking a couple of hours to explore a local country park would ift your meatbolism, and speed up the weight loss whilst making you healthier.

Good luck - you can do it - The need to eat is mainly just in the mind and you can be in control of that.


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