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I now have a plan......

Saw my doctor this morning (got to go and have cortisone injections in my shoulder and elbow tomorrow - ow!) and discussed my re-feed.......he was really pleased that I've so far managed to lose 2 stone and wants me to re-feed for 2 weeks before going into hospital....so that's what I'm going to do. I'm away this weekend and do plan on having a protein supper on both days but will be taking shakes and bars with me for the other meals.

So.......2 weeks more diet.....am def going to stick with a low-carb diet whilst I'm recovering from surgery as my doctor said that it was imperative that I ate plenty of protein. Had better make sure that people don't bring me chocs in hospital or if they do that I give them straight to the nurses!
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well done on getting where YOur at, you've worked so hard so i've no doubt you'll do great on the refeed too. xx


Will be thin god dammit!!
That sounds excellent Sandra - you've done brilliantly so far and Im sure you will keep the weigh off and lose more too!
Well done sandra....

Really hope the op goes well...

We will be waiting for u in the refeed section lol xx
Yay thats good news. not liking the idea of injections though :(. You have done so well, I am sure you will be fine. x


Fighting for My Health
Sounds like a good plan to me Sandra :) Good luck for tomorrow xx
Well done Sandra
Good luck for tomorrow and the op, hope all goes well x
Sandra fantastic as usual, you always seem to be so together and organised.
Sandra fantastic as usual, you always seem to be so together and organised.
Thanks Kev........'fail to plan and plan to fail' is one of my motto's:D
Hi Sandra,
All the best for the opp, darling and you have done well with the LT. Enjoy re-feed!


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Hope all goes well for you Sandra, you've done so well!! :) xx
Bigs hugs Sandra, I will fly some grapes over to you :) xxxx
Daisy, where've you been? I missed you! Thought that perhaps the new romance was keeping you away from us??!!

Just had the injection in my shoulder, OMG even with an anaesthetic it hurt like crazy, only had to have one though......

Oh.....I will be able to eat grapes!!!!! I just can't wait to have a banana x

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