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i phone and ww online

Im doing ww online now because I couoldnt get to my meeting and I find it great, Im much better at tracking on it, the only problem is finding the time. I was wondering if I invested in a i phone would it make online tracking easy peasy and are there other apps that would help me along the way. Thanks:)
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omg I love my iphone. I've only had it about a month or so and I use the points tracking app to record my points...it's sooooooooooooo much better than having to write everything down and instead of carrying the paper tracker and pen with you, you can just take out your GORGEOUS iphone and track away:D:D:D
This app is not a Weight Watchers app, but it does exactly what you need it to do. You just add what you have eaten and then the point value and it tracks it...oh it's great and I'm so glad that I have it.

I don't know of any other apps that would help regarding ww but if you find one.. let me know :D



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I use my iphone to update my minimins food diary on the go, if I didn't have access to my food diary on here constantly I'd be going off track all the time, plus its awesome to be able to keep reading the posts here whilst out and about makes me less tempted to be naughty.


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I also have an app which isnt a weight watchers one, it tracks points and allows you to add your own food and points values to the list of foods, Id be lost without it.

Iphones ROCK!!!! Love love love love mine, totally worth the investment! xx

**forgot to add, its also a points calculator**
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Oh man, I want a iPhone so badly and knowing that it could help me track my points is making it worse.
Now I want one even more


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Can anyone tell me what names of apps they are using? I tried to download the genuine WW app last night but it told me it was only available in America :(


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I use the iwatchr app on my iphone because it has a european points calculator and a food/points diary. I use it all the time. Every shopping trip I go on I walk about with my iphone and see what the points values are in different things. Id be lost without it.


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I just downloaded iwtchr :wow: its brilliant... Ive got rid of 3 apps and replaced it with that. its fab..even works out your bonus points etc too.

Well worth the 59p
Ive just downloaded it after reading your post - Im very impressed! Cheap as chips and does it all:) yay!! xx


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I have got an HTC Hero, anyone got this phone and know if there are any ww apps for it.


is going to loose!
iPoints and iTracker.

1st one is a daily tracker and you can start a library of foods with pt amounts and also activity pts!
The 2nd is brilliant for when i am in the shops buying foods so i can calculate there and then.

Love it!


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Just started using the iwatchr app today - its BRILLIANT!! Seriously if youre looking for a WW app - this is the only one worth considering - I love it :bliss:
definately! Ive been through all my cupboards, fridge, freezer and imputted all the foods and points values. Its so quick to track my food now, and I love how the icon shows you how many points youve used without having to open the app. Its brilliant, I'd recommend it to all!
Just started using the iwatchr app today - its BRILLIANT!! Seriously if youre looking for a WW app - this is the only one worth considering - I love it :bliss:
Better than itracker?

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