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I REALLY don't recommend this!!


Silver Member
:booboo: Eurrrgh!:eek:
I've just made my last shake of the day.
I put 2 spoons of coffee and a sweetener in as usual, used the stick blender and sat down to enjoy my nice hot, frothy latte....

Except.... I'd used...Chicken Soup!!! :sign0137::eatdrink017:
Well I had to have it, coz no spares (WI tomorrow morning) but I DON'T recommend it at ALL:(
That'll teach me to look closer!
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Ahhhhhhh Cathy, you poor love!

At least you don't have your lattes cold like me!!!! Cold coffee and chicken soup must be even worse!!!!



Gonna be slim again
HEHehehhehehe Sorry Cath but....hehehehhehehehehhe
errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i dont know how you sat and drunk it hun but have to look upto you for drinking it i would have tipped it straight down the sink lol. good luck for tomorrow xxxxxxx
I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing....
you will have a great loss after that you deserve it for having to drink that mixture


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Thanks everyone! Thought I'd better down it as I need all the goodies inside it.
Won't make THAT mistake again!
Going to bed right now, weigh-in looms in the morning, Nightey nite all. xx
Night hun, good luck tomorrow.

you must have a strong stomach.. i cant stand them at the best of times! well done though lol i would have starved and sulked xx


Is Irrepressible!! : )
OMG! That sounds absolutely disgusting! (Sorry but I did laugh a little bit- ok a lot!)

I'm not sure if your pharmacy will let you do this but I actually bought a spares pack for 11 squidlies from mine (7 packets) so I could have a bit more variety during the week- this also sorts out the the issue of mistakes! Bless you, hope everything went well today xx

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