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I really like the shakes now lol

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hiya i get a pint glass and pour 3/4 pint cold water in, and 2 or 3 ice cubes and cos its done in blender its really frothy and nice xx i had to buy a blender cos at 1st i was trying to mix up with a fork and was wretching when i was drinking but now i love em x
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oh god i mixed my first few with a folk and shook it and it was awful, all lumpy and so hard to drink.
some1 suggested adding ice and mixing in blender, i tried it and never went back. they actually taste ok this way. wouldnt say i enjoy them but they taste so much better than just mixing in that container the chemist sells

x x
What do you do when you go to work??
I don't have a blender at work and as they have to be consumed within 15 minutes, I can't blend at work then take in.
I'll have to use the skanky shaker lol. Any ways around this????
S: 11st11lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st10lb(6.06%)
I dont work at the moment im fulltime mum till kiddies start school, my other half works, he mixes one in blender and then puts it in the shaker to take to work with him x
I think that's naughty lol.
My pharmacist made a really big deal of the shakes being drank within 15 minutes of them being mixed. It's something to do with the nutrients etc.
I think I'll check with the Lipotrim people directly as it really would help me if I could blend at home then take into work.
Thank you!!


Eyes on the Prize!!
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I never would have believed it either but I really enjoy my vanilla shake for breakfast and chicken soup for tea. When I first tried them I thought "Oh My God what have I let myself in for!!!" I really did not think I could drink these things. But after a few days you do get used to them and at first they all tasted the same but now they seem creamy and sweet.

Louise I tried a whisk at first but that didnt get rid of the lumps. Have you tried something like a hand blender or one of those that froths up cappuccinos?

Im in this for the long run so I brought a hand blender to work as after the first time I tried it blended I vowed never to go back!! I haven't tried it with ice yet but as I have so many to look forward to when I feel like I'm getting bored I might add a few cubes!! Oh the excitement!! ;0)


Eyes on the Prize!!
S: 16st13lb C: 16st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 39 Loss: 0st10lb(4.22%)
Its much better to stick to the three a day at mealtimes. It really does help get you through the day and keep those hunger pangs at bay. I know if it was me and the choice was go all day without a shake or have a lumpy one in the shaker I would go for the shaker option. I definately feel the difference for having three a day.

Have you tried the flapjacks? I couldnt stomach them but some people have said that over time they have got used to them especially the peanut one. The coconut one tasted like I was eating a placemat and the smell was unbelievable!

That was a bad couple of days because I had the flapjack for lunch and just could not eat it which meant I didnt have anything until 6 that night which nearly drove me mad. Especially in the first week. Twice that happened because I tried both Flapjacks!
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The shakes should be made and drunk within 15 minutes. I make mine up with a blender at home and use a shaker at work with ice cold water and finds it mixes up rather well.
Does your shaker have the inner mesh?- thats supposed to take the lumps out. I always make mine hot with coffee in the blender - a pint.
I really look forward to it now !
your pharmasist should sell the LT shakers which I found mix them really well ( have the mesh ring in ) , I actually prepered them shaken than blended and hated them with ice as it was kinda lumpy then !!!
You must drink within 15 mins tho as some of the vitamins are water soluble so will disappear after that time I am afraid .

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