I really want to get back to goal

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  1. frenchdreamer

    frenchdreamer Member

    I got to goal 5 years ago with CD and lost 5 stones; I have regained 3 stones :cry:and have now decided I have had enough. I have tried several times to restart CD and keep falling off the wagon. I have found that each time I restart I like less and less flavours. But today is the day and I am restarting with a fire in my belly. I am going to use the chocolate tetras as I really do like them. Initially I am going to have 4 products a day and possibly drop back to 3 next week as I am 5'7 and have found that sometimes I am better using 4. I will aim to drink at least 3 litres of water a day.
    So girls, please wish me luck
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  3. YummyMummy2B

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  4. Eclipse

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    good luck hun, you know you can do it, just hang on in there for the first few days x x
  5. LeaPJ

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    Best of luck hun xx
  6. frenchdreamer

    frenchdreamer Member

    thank you ladies. So far so good, I've had 2 tetras so far and am now on my 4th pint of water and 4th pint of black coffee (I always have my brews in a pint mug even when not on CD). I have been out for a good long walk with the dog and stopped for a coffee at the garden centre on my way back AND I resisted the lovely muffins that were winking at me. It seems I could have my drive and mojo back to do it again. HURRAY
  7. Sarah Lou

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    well done! I restarted last week after restarting several times!! well done for resisting the muffins, I had kit kats winking at me this week.. but resisted :) good luck
  8. cheery

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    I'm a boy, can I wish you good luck too?!

    Hope you find your first few days alright. You've had a fair few 'stops and starts' by the sounds of it - I wondered if perhaps you are struggling with the initial stages where you go into ketosis. Perhaps after a good week or so sticking to the diet 100 per cent (yeah, I know it's easier said than done!), things will settle into a happy pattern of ketosis.

    You'll know better than I, having done so well before, but I'm coming up to week 4 and I really haven't been hungry for the last couple of weeks. Week one was pretty hellish.

    Good luck!

  9. frenchdreamer

    frenchdreamer Member

    cheery, yes as a boy you can also wish me luck. Its not always been the journey into ketosis which has been my problem; It could be week 2 and I then cheat; seems to me its just a case of being very weak willed. I think when you first do CD the desire and motivation to lose weight is so strong (because usually we have reached our rock bottom) and I was so motivated with the fabulous and speedy weight losses. However going back to do it again after gaining some weight is so much harder as I don't look and feel as bad as I did when 5 stones heavier.

    Anyway I am now on day 2 and still very focused and determined.
  10. frenchdreamer

    frenchdreamer Member

    My daily reports

    Today is day 3 and I am still feeling very motivated; I did go on the scales this morning and was very pleased with the result. (I know I should only be weighed once a week, but I just wanted a sneak preview). Having 4 packs a day seems to be working for me. My worst time is in the evening and I would save a pack to have around 9pm, but that meant missing my lunch time pack. I would then be starving mid afternoon and end up cheating. But I now have them at 7am, 12.30pm, 5pm, and 9pm.
    I have been doing around 3 litres of water each day plus lots of black coffee too. I am never off the loo lol.
    I do have the beginnings of a headache this morning which is only to be expected, so need to take some nurofen.
    I plan to take the dog out for a good long walk today and hopefully that will start toning my flabby legs.
  11. frenchdreamer

    frenchdreamer Member

    And now it's day 4. I had a bit of a rough day yesterday, felt very tired and headachey. I took the dog on a very long walk and then snuggled down on the settee and had an hours sleep (which I definately needed) I was naughty and ate 5 grapes and a spoonful of peanut butter (I know I shouldn't have done it, but I did) there's nothing I can do about my cheat yesterday so I am not going to dwell on it and beat myself up about it. I have to focus on today and concentrate on being good for the next 24 hours. I think that having a sneak preview of the scales encouraged me to cheat, so I will also stay away from the scales. I think I will do my housework today, to keep my hands busy. Bring it on ...................
  12. frenchdreamer

    frenchdreamer Member

    Day 5 and I am still going strong. I feel much better, headaches now gone, I feel slimmer and don't look as lumpy in my clothes. We are going on holiday in a month but I think that I will just move up to 810 whilst away and take my products with me. I am hoping to reach goal by mid/end of june by the latest. I am having a bit of a lazy day today as I feel very tired, I will of course take the dog out later and I think a visit to the local library is in order as I am going through books like nobodies business and they are not cheap to buy.
  13. frenchdreamer

    frenchdreamer Member

    Day 6 and still doing CD. Did have a blip yesterday as I did feel mega stressed; however I have left it behind and am going to do my best to do 100% today. No point dwelling on my slip-up. Weigh-in day on saturday and I am looking forward to that. I am going to visit our local library today as I am reading so many books at the moment, it's costing me a fortune. I should go to the car boot sales really and buy lots from there.
  14. cheeseontoast

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    Sounds like you're doing really well. Glad you are not dwelling on the blips as the main thing is that you carry on. All the best with your cd journey.
  15. trisha

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    I know exactly how you feel I'm pretty much the same. its so much harder restarting, good luck
  16. frenchdreamer

    frenchdreamer Member

    Thank you ladies. The last 2 days have been a bit bumpy but I am still plodding on. It is day 8 today and my Weigh day. I have lost, ......drum roll...... 8lbs and I am over the moon as I am now only overweight, not obese. HURRAY, now lets see if I can have a good 2nd week.
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