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I stepped away from the kit kat!


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Went for coffee in staff room this morning, usually nobody else in when i'm there but it was busy today. Someones birthday so had brought oodles of kit kats in. Got my coffee, sat down, picked up a kit kat and......put it down again. Yay, this is day three of restart and i feel so much better for putting that biscuit back. Please let me be this good for the next few weeks! :party0049:
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well done sweetie, it's little tests like that that show how strong your will power is! keep up the good work! :)


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Thanks! I've just made a coffee to come on here and resisted the golden crumblies in the biscuit box. Oooh maybe just maybe my focus is strong enough to do this again.

Mrs B

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Ohhh well done. We have a whole box of biscuits in the kitchen at work and I haven't had any. No kitkats though, lol.


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Hey Mrs B
Biscuits are a bit of a hit or miss for me but kit kats just have that certain something. Hope they've all been eaten by the time i go in tomorrow!
Well done you :) kit kats are my favourite, I have a peculiar fetish at the moment though, I sniff food including chocolate which seems to get me through. Crazy I know But!

Back to the staff room today and there was chocolate digestives. As i work in a school, the end of term signals loads of goodies into the staff room. But yet again i walked away (couldnt take my eyes off the packet the whole time i was there) and it actually felt so much better to not have had than the taste would have been on my tongue.
Please let me hold on to this strength of will power for the next few weeks!!

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