I still feel dizzy. Is this normal?

I've just started my 4th week of 790. I'm doing well and feel like I'm in a routine with it now BUT I still feel dizzy from time to tme especially if I exhert myself. Even just bending down to load the washing machine...I end up having to sit down to recover. I'm at the stage now that I'm thinking about starting to do some exercise.... I don't want all the wobbly bits ending up too saggy!! But I'm a bit nervous about doing anything while I feel dizzy like this. Is this normal? I had thought it would have settled down by this stage. Other than these dizzy spells I feel great! Do you think I'm not drinking enough water? I do struggle a bit some days with this and on average I drink around 3 litres a day. Any advice will be appreciated.

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Your blood sugar levels may be dipping a little - try cutting your packs in half and spreading them out throughout the day - so having 6 smaller meals.

See if that helps.

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It might be worth having your blood pressure and blood sugar checked. You are on 790 so are having food, you are taking all three packs with the meal? Plus your milk?

Its not so common to have dizzy spells when you are having food so best to have it checked.



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I have been on a VLCD for 21 weeks and I am suffering from low blood pressure which I have never had in my life. I am dizzy getting up, turning round, the lot ! Its quite freaky. I have seen my GP who said that low blood pressure isn't harmful whereas high blood pressure is very damaging. So he said not to worry but to be very careful not to get up quickly etc. Its also important to drink the recommended water as you need the liquid in your blood. See your GP for some re-assurance. I didn't for ages coz I thought he would tell me to stop the diet, but he didnt!


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Hi Tiara,I've been on CD for just over six weeks and I still get the odd dizzy spell. Last night I was at college and know that I hadnt drunk as much as I should have. When I got home about 10pm I was really dizzy so i had a quick litre! and went to bed and am fine this morning. This does happen to me quite a bit but usually when I havent drunk for a few hours. I do have low blood pressure normally so it might be worth checking with your Doc.
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Hi all, thanks for the quick response. Sorry I didn't reply earlier but I saw most of your responses as I was coming out the door to go to work...so I did try and get a doctors appointment but they were fully booked for today so I nipped into LLoyds the chemist and had a BP check there. I think it was ok 122/94 in my left arm and 133/94 in my right arm, so that's a relief.

Linda I do have my 3 packs a day plus my meal..I'm bad though and don't always have the milk. Why is it important if you get all your nutrients in the packs? Milk makes me feel sick but I sometimes try to have low fat natural yoghurt instead..I hope I'm buying the right thing!! I will try and split my packs. Thats a good idea. I do at times go for quite a long time without anything and then end up having to have my meal plus my 3rd pack close together. I will also try to drink a bit more and more regularly...I'm a bit lazy about it and forget to drink then I have to drink later on to make up for it.

Thanks to you all for your advice...You're all great!! :)