I think I fit in here!!


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I went from 16 stones 2lbs, to 12 stones 8lbs on Lighter Life in 4 months, and I spent about 2 months cheating convincing myself I was going it and gained 13lbs, and now being off the diets completely I'm up to 14 stones again so have put on half my weight basically :-(

The problem is I can be good ALL day, but after the kids go to bed I binge. I dont eat real meals, just junk, mainly chocolate. I'm in the house on my own in the evenings so it doesn't help. My hubby has got a job back home again though (been working in London for 2.5 years) so I'm hoping having him at home every night will discourage the binging though I'm definitely an emotional eater.

I'm about to start Cambridge (dont see the point in paying for LL when I've done the counselling) with the hope of getting down to around 11 stones.

:) Hi Piper, you sound exactly like me! I started LL last year at 18 stone, dropped to 12 1/2 stone (am 5' 10" and looking back now I looked OK! Then went on holiday at end of July last year (after 5 months SSing) and couldn't get back on again. I don't know how many times I tried to get going again, anyhow started CD three weeks ago (weight in at 16 stone 6lbs and at third weight in today have lost 1 1/2 stone and am focussed again. All I would say is don't give up trying it WILL eventually click in again. good luck:)

Wow Tracey thats an amazing loss!! Am glad to hear you can get back into it - fingers crossed I'll have the same success as you!

Lynne x
Hi guys,

I'm struggling with getting back into the right frame of mind to begin CD. I'm still trying to figure out why i can do about 3 weeks and then lose the plot.

Maybe I just need to stop beating myself up, get organised and go for it. The packs and bars are looking at me now from the cupboard. I think I will stand a better chance now I am separated from my husband. Any advice or experiences would be great. I hate being like this, hate being too hot, thighs rubbing together and sore, feeling like a whale and no nice clothes to just throw on. I know its up to me. I just need to get my perception back and my focus. Not always easy when it's for yourself...xxx...Lacey
Fit in lovely here

I have been gaining and losing the last stone since Christmas after losing 7.5 stones on LL/CD.

From Wednesday 2nd I am hoping to go full swing into CD, but I've tried so many times I'm feeling a bit negative and I haven't even started yet!

I wouldn't mind but I gave up with such a short way to go to target, it's gutting. Anyway, I have no choice but to lose at least 16 pounds by October as I was fit for my wedding dress 16 pounds lighter, so unless I want to wear a suit rather than my £1000 dress, I have no choice - eek.

One more week and hopefully I'll be here determined.

Piper, my problems are also the evenings, I am currently getting my partner to restring my guitar and have bought a few new books to read and may even continue to write (started a book 3 years ago and still haven't finished it) ...have to do something on the 3 nights my hubbytobe isn't around...I keep looking for him in the fridge ;)
Hi there Lacey, Jo, Piper & Tracey :) I think I'm on the right thread for me too at the moment as a struggler... big time at the moment. Being so close to goal is very hard and I'm wavering baddly:)
I will get this thing licked though, there's no way I won't be seeing my target.. I've worked too bluddy hard to get where I am now:eek:
I know how hard it is to keep the mind focused and I'm with you girls every step of the way... we can do this thing, and together we are always stronger:)