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I think she may be here sooner!

Hiya guys,

On Friday evening I had period type contractions about 15-20 mins apart for about 4 hours. Didn't time or anything like that but stopped as I went to bed. Then yesterday I noticed some brownie stuff in mucus as I wiped. As I'm c-section I phoned the hospital and I just went to be checked over, baby is no-longer breech and starting to engage.
But I would never go back to my hospital again, every time I have a concern they really make me feel like I'm wasting time and make me feel quite small actually, even tho i feel I have good reason....like If my waters go and baby is breech at last check! Gerrrrr!

Anyway I was fine to leave. They were still saying to me I could still vbac and see how it goes etc, so i'm really not sure what will happen or how this baby will make it's entrance.

Woke up this morning with a achy tummy, feels like tummy ache really and aching around my left side and middle of my back with more brownie mucus loss, more than yesterday.

So I think she may be here before monday the 13th!

Hay and I have even put my bag together just in case! lol
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Oooh do you think that after everything going wrong so far things could finally come right at the end?;) I really hope so you deserve it. Hope things are still happening, take care, Jo
thanks guys!

I'm still hear with baby in my tum, but I have constant back ache!

they won't do a section on me until my waters have gone or i'm contracting 1 in 10 mins, so just a waiting game!

I'm still planning a section as I now think with a larger baby it's the best option for me.....so here's to waiting!!!!:) whoo hoo!
Sending loads of positive vibes your way Hun, really hoping it all gets going for you really soon ;)

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
how exiting , im keeping everything crossed for you xxx
Hi, anything happening or has all settled now? Thinking of you, Jo
Hiya guys,

still losing my plug (how much can there be!!!) and finding it very difficult to walk now. Not as achy anymore in the tummy region. At least losing my plug shows that i'm effacing and or dilating some.
I wish I could feel what was going on inside my foof! haha

I still think she will be here before Monday by at least this time next week she will most defiantly be here! Hoping it doesn't happen tomorrow tho as hubby is away for the whole day from 6 am to 10pm and as he is in the raf and the captain of the team he can't get out of it! He will be three or so hours from home and will have his phone on him just in case.....you just know baby is just waiting for tomorrow!lol

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Oh lets hope she stays put till ur hubby gets back but knowing wee ones she'll probably try to make an appearance 2moro. Thinking about u & fingers crossed xx

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
keeping fingers crossed for you for tomorow xx
Aww Hun, I really thought little one was gonna make an arrival by now!
I'm so sorry to hear that the hospital treated you that way! How disgusting! If you didn't go in and something did happen you would never forgive yourself so please don't let those inconsiderate staff get you down! It's ALWAYS better to be safe rather than sorry Hun! So you def did the right thing by going in and getting checked out.

About the vbac.... you need to do whatever feels right for you and don't let them bully you into a decision you're not happy with. If baby is going to be big like you think then personally I too would opt for the section.

Gosh I didn't realise you could lose the 'plug' for so long! When mine went it was only a tiny bit. But like you said at least it shows you that LO will make an appearance soon(ish)! lol

I've got my fingers crossed for you that something will start soon!

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