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I think thats it for me...

Well after a weigh in where I lost only 1lb I just don't think I can do this.
I am going to just do it the way of exercise and have lipotrim twice a day or if I get in from work and need to grab something quick.
I know this gives great results to everyone but there is no way that I can endure 3 shakes a day for 1lb outcome. I'll carry on visiting the forum though and update my progress with the 2 shakes and small meal. It has definitely taught me lots though and I will continue to lose weight! I am determined.
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Sorry to hear about you feeling let down bitbot, but weightloss does tend to fluctuate like that; chances are, next week you'll have a larger loss to compensate.

I really think that when it comes to a VLCD like LT, LL or CD you really need to give it a month to see the results - after all, the losses tend to average out to a stone a month, that doesn't mean a consitent loss each week sadly.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do :)


Here we go again!
Sorry you don't feel this is for you. That's a shame but I can see why you are disappointed.

Sounds as though you have got your head around some of the reasons why you are in this predicament, so that's good! Good luck with whatever you chose to do next, I'm sure you will succeed with a little determination.


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Yep! I think stick with it. Lipotrim say you will lose a stone in a month. You lost 6lbs of that in the first week. They don't say it will all be in the first 2 weeks. I agree slow loss weeks are usually followed by big loss weeks!

But I don't blame you for being peeved! Is it TOTM? Have you been drinking more than enough water? Are you constipated? Just all these things can well account for 2-4 lbs.

Give it one more week and then decide.


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Please dont make a decision after 2 weeks if you can manage to do 1 more week you might see a better result on your 3rd weigh in. I have never had great weight losses but kept on 3 shakes for 7 weeks then after a holiday did 2 shakes and a small meal which did work out well.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do as both ways have worked for me in the past, but once you come off the 3 shakes a day it is harder to get back to it if need be.

Hope you have a better week.

Jo x
I have to agree with what has already been said. I would try it for at least 1 more week and you could be pleasantly surprised by what the scales say. Did you stick rigidly to lipotrim 100% or did you eat/drink anything you weren't supposed to? TOTM could also answer for the smaller loss.

Good luck on your decision, but I would urge you to try it for one more week.
please dont give up! this is a wonderful diet and its doing so much for so many people! I know only losing 1lb is annoying as it has happened to me. i really wanted to give up too but decided to keep on till the nxt weigh in to see what happened. I lost 7lbs at the next weigh in so please dont give up, prove to yourself that you can do it for one more week. i promise that you'll be pleasantly suprised at your next weigh in!!
keep the chin up!


One last chance
Losing 1lb is dissapointing, but it's better than putting on 1lb. I remember when I lost 1lb, I was so upset, but you'll never know, your next weigh in might be more.

Just keep at it, it could be TOTM as peeps have said.


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I've had weigh ins that i could of cried walking away from but keep looking at big picture not each week.....i know its hard but having done every diet on earth it feels like this one works.
Just give yourself a couple of weeks and see how you feel then
Wow...you guys really are motivational....well I did eat last night but only 2 tbsps of green veg and quorn as per refeed.
Had my shakes today so on the basis of all your advice, I'll continue on with my evening shake and see how I get on.
Thanks for everyones advice....I think the lack of loss combined with the fact of I don't know how I'll get through the weekend with the inlaws with no food...just questions and all that jazz as they definitely won't understand and as they are with us all weekend can't feign illness.
I am planning on doing shakes in the day but not sure I can sit around the dinner table withour food.
I hear where you are coming from BB, and so early in your journey it is difficult to consider being able to do something like sit with others while they eat and not eat yourself, especially as social convention almost seems to dictate that we do so, being considered "rude" if we do not sit and eat with others!

At the end of the day, you have to remember that you are doing this thing for YOU, not your inlaws, and regardless of what they think or say it is better for you to abstain and become the slim&healthy person you are supposed to be instead of staying overweight and unhealthy just to appease their thoughs; if they have a problem, it is THEIR problem!

If you do eat, try and stick to what you have already, at least that way you should stay in some mild form of ketosis :)
Hi bitbot
I totally understand where you are coming from but stick with it. I have had very small losses all the way, mostly 2lbs, a great week is 3lbs and have stuck to it 100% with exercise thrown in but I look at the longer picture (which sometimes feels like it might be very long!!). On any other diet I wouldn't have lost this much and I know having to choose what foods to eat can be a headache so not having to bother with food at all makes it easier. Nights out and family meals are only a problem if you let them be! Good luck and hope you continue.
hey , welldone for deciding to give it another try!
i only lost 2lbs at w1 n really felt like just quitting! but im not! i just keep hoping w2 will be better! xx


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Goog on ya bitbot! Stick with it hun!

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