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i trapped in 100kgs!!!!

hi every one i have a really big problem that i can not solve it please give me some advices to defeat this significant problem.
first of all i wanne state my story briefly to expand my situation!

i started diet and walking exercising about 3 month ago and in that time i was 133 kgs now i'm 100 kgs ! u may think thats a big achievement but if that was true now i have a big problem i trapped in 100kgs!!
yeah thats kind of weird also !! my exercise didn't worked for almost 2 weeks i remained at 100 however i worked hard and i think my body reject a persist to become smaller and i'm totally disappointed now!:(( can anybody know whats wrong with my body?
i really appreciate it.
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I dont think there is anything wrong with your body at all. your body has maybe got used to the exercise you were doing, or maybe you need to push it a little bit more.
I have been on a plateu for over 5 months, PCOS has a tendancy to slow down the weight loss due to the hormonal factors..

Please dont give up, pearsaver and it will happen.

Well done on the 30kg loss by the way thats awesome. x
hi, i've been stuck at 100kg for a little while 2, I have recently started doing a low carb eating plan (which is recommended for PCOS) and when I got weighed 2day I was 99.5kgs so perhaps you could try cutting down on carbs for a few weeks. Maybe, as Kirsty says, you could try pushing your exercise a little further or maybe try a different kind of exercise like swimming. Dont give up, we all stall at times and 30kg is a massive acheivement so well done for that xxx
tanx fo ur encourage i think i must find another way such as swimming i put my blood on this job and its extremely important for me to get pass through 100kgs!! thats the origin point of my effort as u said my body stalled and i will wait till it regenerate again and reboost again.. again tanx and have a nice time.
One Tip for these Moments as I have been there before is take your measurements. You might not be losing weight on the scales but on you body itself. It is very typical and you can read that everywhere. The stopping phase usually doesn't last longer than 3 weeks, I know it seems long but just hang in there. Take it as at least you not putting anything on so it's worth to be patient!!


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