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  1. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    Good Morning All

    I am on day 4 of my first week and thought it might be a good idea to start a diary of how I do each day to look back on.

    My journey so far:

    14th Aug 14 Day 1 - Woke up really nervous about starting , quite negative thoughts really. Had convinced myself that I could not do a shakes / soup diet and set off on the wrong frame of mind. Took my first shake and though I was going to vomit. It was awful , not the shake , just my experience. I stuck it out none the less then filled up with water. I work 12 hr shifts so I start work at 6.30am to 6.30pm. At 12 midday I was desperate to make my soup as I was starving (in my head)! Normally by this time , Ive had a sausage roll , a latte and a tin of Diet Irn-Bru for breaky , then a frozen meal for lunch. My body, I think , had gone into panic mode !!!! Anyway , I made my chicken and mushroom soup (half a packet) and found it to be a little watery but at least it gave me a bit of taste in my mouth. I followed this up with a litre of water. I was quite surprised that I quite liked it and felt a wee bit full for a while. This feeling wore off very quickly and I hit a brick wall about 2pm. I made the remainder of my soup and tried to keep myself awake. I felt very lethargic and weak and tried to talk myself out of the way I was feeling. I have to add , I had visited the toilet about 15 times from 6.30am to 2pm. This can only be a good thing ....right .....? Anyway , about 4pm I could take no more and I spoke to my boss who let me away early. I had 3 sets of nail booked in to do that night to keep me occupied so managed to scrape a half an hour nap in before they arrived as I was simply wilting fast. By the time my first one came , I was feeling a bit better , not much , just a small bit , enough to see me through getting the job done. All I could think of was my bed , I didnt want my last soup at all , when I finished my nails I went in to the living room and burst into tears to my husband. All feeling sorry for myself , how did I get this fat , how did I let myself get into this state , woe me !!!! It was a real low point. Anyway , I pulled myself together , made my soup and went to bed with it and a good book. I was out like a light as soon as I had taken the last mouthfull. All I could think of today was food , every waking moment was thoughts of food.

    15th Aug 14 Day 2 - Woke up feeling bright as a button. A bit of a dull headach but nothing too much , like a slight hangover feeling. Skipped downstairs , husband had shake already made , and bottle of water sitting , today was going to be a good day. First nail customer arrived at 10am and I worked through to 2pm without a break and my mind wasnt on food. Packed up car and went to my other nail bar for my afternoon appointments , took my soup with me and a mug and got the junior to make me half the soup up when she was making coffee for the customers. Still buzzing , on a high and loving life. I felt thin , I felt motivational and I felt like I could do this diet another day. Got home that night , still feeling good and made my last soup and a treat , Instead of normal water , I made myself a pint of sparkling water - Rock & Roll lol Went to bed happy. I had thoughts of food today , not loads but I did think about it a little.

    16th Aug 14 Day 3 - Well , today I woke up and had slep in for my real job , I could see the 12 hr shift far enough and just was in a right pisser of a mood. Made my shake (Strawberry) and drove to work , the shake was awful , it was really woeful and I was gagging at it in the car. By the time I reached work I was in bad form. By good luck and fortune I was on with one of the better shifts and they lifted my mood right away. In actual fact , the lad working with me was a real food and fitness fanatic was real interested in the plan and we spoke about it all day. He doesnt have any junk food or rubbish on the desk , it helped me no end. I rawled through the 12 hr shift inscathed. I had my half soup and 12 and other half at 2pm. Inbetween , I had black coffee with sweetner , fruit tea , and water. I am now drinking easily 3 plus litres of water a day without even trying. I had decided one of the products was giving me a horrible taste in my mouth and made my breath bad. I was a bit paranoid about this but when I drove home I checked my urine and in actual fact I was in Ketosis. Happy days , I must be doing it correct. Decided on going for a bath as Saturday night I would normally have a lovely curry and nan and rice and a wee glass of wine. Had a wee read at my book in the bath then made to come out and I felt really faint and lethargic. I got out quickly and lay on the bed for a half hour till I became a bit stable. Im sure I had gone to long without any fluids in me. I made my last soup (vegetable) and a pint of fizzy water - Well it was treat night after all , why not lol In bed by 11pm and was pleased with myself , I had managed 3 days 100% on plan. This might not seem like a lot but take it from me , having not done any diet of this kind before , this is a massive achievement. I did struggle today thinking about food , I really wanted food , any kind of food . I though of when I wnt for petrol - going to the breakfast bar and buying 1 sausage and no one would know - but I didnt and Im pleased I didnt.

    17th Aug 14 Day 4 - Well , today is day 4 for me. Ive woke up feeling good , the scales show I have lost 8lbs since starting, I forced myself to have 1 last try at these shakes and guess what.....I LOVED todays shake !!!!!! I made the butterscotch one with 400ml of cold water , a spoon full of coffee and blended the life out it. It was smooth as a babys bum and went down a treat , In actual fact , I cant wait to make another one with ice and make a pretend frap with it. I have just had my morning coffee and drank 1 litre of water so far - well it is only 9.20am lol Feeling positive. 12 pm Lunch was half a packet of mushroom soup and water. Ate the other half around 2pm. Still feeling ok today but could probably easily eat a roast dinner if offered lol. Go home from work and keep busy till 8pm. Make spicy chilli soup and a pint of sparkling water with some mixed berries flavouring. Lovely. Went to bed with a full tummy and quite happy. Managed to go to loo today also , tmi I know !!!!

    18th aug 14 Day 5 : woke up buzzing , so much energy today. Have a day off and I plan to make it productive. Made the toffee and walnut shake with a spoon of coffee. Lovely . So far so good. Had a black coffee at 2.30pm with a friend who popped in then Went to starbucks to meet my sister and had a sparkling water. Felt a little faint this afternoon in the middle of B & M , I know I have left my soup too long before taking. Had my soup at 6pm and a pint of water. Wasnt much keen on the tomato soup , it was ok , but not great , it did keep me full up though. Had my last soup at 9.30pm. My husbands friend popped in with his 2 daughters and brought kebabs , chips , nan bread - i nearly had a heart attack. I quickly ushered them all into the kitchen where my husband and his visitors all ate and made sure they threw the wrappers outside in the outside bin all tied up and sprayed air freshner in the kitchen. I sat in the living room the whole time. So please with myself.

    19th Aug 14 Day 6 - Woke up buzzing again. 12hr shift ahead boooo...... 6.30am Started off with cappucino shake with extra coffee added , ice and blended in the Active Blend. Lovely. Black coffee at 10am....I am really hungry this morning and watching the clock till 12 midday till I get my lunch....please hurry up , my tummy is making all sorts of noises this morning , i feel like im running on empty today...Had to go to an 80th birthday dinner tonight , 3 course meal with cake , oh my , how will this go.........pleased to report it went well , i consumed a bottle of water and nothing else !!!

    20th Aug Day 7 - WEIGH IN DAY ! - Woke up today very excited. Get to finally see what results this week has brought. Weighed in at 4pm , 10lbs lost - DELIGHTED ! So I have commited to another week , 1 week at a time , slow and steady wins the race x

    21st Aug Day 8 - Woke up buzzing with my new weight loss spurring me on. No issues to report , all good today , I am starting to think i can do this you know........

    22nd Aug Day 9 - still 100 % on plan , went to work and 2 people said they could see a big difference in my face in the 9 days so i done a sided by side pic and the difference in the 9 days is amazing. Keeping strong for the week end. Tried the vanilla shake this morning and it is amazing with a spoon of coffee and some crushed ice - Bingo - Love it x

    23rd Aug Day 10 - still 100% im am surprising myself every day - 12 hr shift today , Mint Choc shake 6am to start the day , black coffee at 11am , feeling hungry this morning , i soooo want a bacon bap......noooo , be good.......managed to last to 1pm for lunch , chicken & mushroom soup and 1litre of water , ive 3litres down me so far today.....i can feel my will power wilting fast today , stay strong.....week ends are tough on me. Home at 6pm and am really craving a takeaway.......sit for a while and mope around the house...decide to weigh myself for motivation , havent looked at the scales since wednesday weigh in....BIG MISTAKE !!! STS , raging , so mad with myself , eat my soup in the huff and decide i hate the world !!!! Get roped into the Ice Buckett Challenge....freeeeze myself to death , bloody coldest night of the year too , it took my mind off food for a wee couple of hours lol go to bed in a better mood.

    24th Aug Day 11 - Yesterday was tough , let today be a good day - 12 hr shift ahead , shake at 7am , 1 litre of water , black coffee at 11am....hurry up lunch time !!!!! Well managed another day 100% , so please with myself. Off for 2 days , bring it on x

    25th Aug Day 12 - Monday morning , Bank Holiday lie in YAY! Didnt have my first product till 12 midday , made a shake , took it to Starbucks to meet my sister for lunch. Had a black coffee and a water whilst there and a good catch up. Managed to go to Asda to get my husband some real food , thats a first.....No problems and wasnt tempted with any of the nice bread smells....I must be doing something right. Home to relax before my first Nail client comes , this is the life , so full of beans and so proud of myself.

    26th Aug Day 13 - Up early as the decorator is coming , busy morning getting things organised for him. Sat down with my first product at 12pm. Decided to make the cappuccino shake hot....BIG MISTAKE!.....Hated it , forced it down and flushed it out with a pint of water , oh god , never again. Serious amount of pee visits , this is driving me nuts !!!! Rest of the day went uneventful but for the first time in 13 days , i managed to make a dinner for my husband and friends and it didnt even bother me at all , i didnt even feel the need to pick , i just wasnt interested. Another day 100% GO ME !!!!

    27th Aug Day 14 - Weigh In Day ! - Boooo back to work today , 12 hr shift ahead , shake made and consumed by 6.30am , its a long long day but its weigh in day so alls good in the hood.....lunch time is 1pm , hurry up....
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  3. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    Hey im also on my fourth day nice to find someone who's started the same time as me. Well done for sticking to it so far :) I find the strawberry milkshake horrible to especially the premade ones.Have u tryed the chocalate mint? I found it really nice my order aload next week :)
  4. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    I did like the choc mint one also , I just didnt blend it long enough. its trial and error at the moment for me lol.

    Its a tough old road but if it gets us to our goals , then I guess we will just need to suck it up !!! :wave_cry::wave_cry:
  5. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    Yeah just keeping my mind on the end result.i drink mine with ice and a straw its abit nicer x
  6. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    This morning was the first time Ive actually enjoyed it lol Did you take all your before pictures Becky ? I found mine hard to take to be honest lol theyre not atractive at all , cant wait to see the after pictures though x
  7. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    my consultant took mine although i might take some of my own. no mine wasnt all that pretty espically from behind lol but im looking foward to posting my success story on here if i manage it lol x
  8. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Hi lovely,

    I'm starting today - 1/2 shake down and counting the minutes till lunchtime - great to do this journey with another one! We will get there!

  9. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    Hi flicg , welcome aboard , hope you are doing ok on your 1st day and not finding it too tough on ya. I look forward to you sharing your journey with us , good luck xx :):):)

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  10. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Day 1's not been too bad...i'm thinking the next couple might be a little harder...lunch wasn't too bad, though I think I made it wrong (a little bit watery!)

  11. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    It's trial and error. My first few days I made loads of boobs but you learn quickly and it gets easier. I get my bag ready the night before work so I am organised and not without any of my essential stuff lol

    my first shake was like tar , it was so thick , my first soup was really watery as I halved it in 2 and had some at 12pm then some at 2pm. It was thin at 12 and thick at 2 pm lol

    now I am a pro on day 5 lol mind drink plenty xxxx
  12. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    Ho you doing today Becky , how's your day been ?
  13. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    I've been really good feel really in the zone. Not thought about food in days and the sight of it dont bother me im so surprised. Full of energy walk for 2 hours today through the nature reserve was nice till it started pouring it down lol. Im struggling with the only water ive had some diet coke I told my consultanton fFacebook she had abit of a moan at me not to much but told me no more :( spose il have to learn to love water lol. Cant wait till my weigh in. Welldone for ssticking to it. We can so do this! :)
  14. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    Becky , being a scot living in northern ireland , i sooooo get where you are coming from with the Diet Coke. I would drink litres of Diet Irn Bru every day and that is the single most thing i am missing the most. Its horrendous. Have you tried the sparkling water with the flavouring in it. I have this at night as a treat and its lovely ? Be careful not to over do the excersise this early as you are not putting a lot of calories into your body and shouldnt really burn the ones you are at the moment. just build up your excercise gradually. Hope today is good for you xxx
  15. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    I haven't had not lately that's a good idea gotta be better than coke. May get myself some need something with flavor! Looking forward to week 3 when can get water flavors. Hope you have a good day too im off to Southend with the kids :)
  16. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member on week 1 and have water flavour.......whats the craic there then lol my consultant let me buy it at my first meeting ???

    im on a 12 hr shift today , 6.30am to 6.30pm booooooo !!
  17. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    OOH, mine didn't mention the flavourings...she did say that I could have Coke or Dr Pepper ZERO (not diet) all due to the citric acid used in fizzy drinks that can knock you out of ketosis - Coke Zero and Dr Pepper Zero don't have the citric acid which is why they are ok...Check with your consultant...

    Last night I enjoyed a plain fizzy sparkling water with ice cubes - it was really pleasant. Deffo has a different texture to still water - if that doesn't sound too odd!

  18. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    oh i hear ya babe , i put the sparkling water in a wine glass on sat night with the flavouring and i thought id won the lottery lol i was loving life hee hee rock n roll !!!!
  19. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    Really? I ask to buy some and she said im not allowed till week 3 :( how odd. Aw well hope it went swiftly for you. Just got home feel shattered early night for me I think x
  20. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    Big weigh in day today , 4pm , can't wait. I will update as soon as I am weighed xxx

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  21. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    Good luck! :)
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