I want one of those - but how?


Hair today - gone tomorra
I just scored equal top on

'Batman, the mystery of Batwoman'

in the arcade but I can't seem to get one of those badges of honour that all the other high scores seem to have.

Am I missing something (you may have spotted the anal desire for recognition from my peers) or shall I just go and sulk somewhere


Bad Luck Mindless. I don't know maybe you have to beat the high score to get the recognition. I hope you do beat it soon because I know Russian Doll is eager to get rid of that title.

Dizzy x
Ahem....it's me that wants to get rid of it! ;)

Perhaps it's because you got 'equal' top:confused:

If you can beat it, your 'badge of recognition' will automatically do itself.
Yes Karion I'm getting confused! Russian Doll was not so pleased she was beaten on the scrabble blast by DQ oh so confusing for my little brain!

Dizzy x