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I want salt!!

Have you tried the flapjacks, they have a diostinct salty taste lol, probably not what you are craving but might help.. :)

Thank God it wasnt just me!!!

Do you have low blood pressure?

I have huge cravings for salt when on TFR, it drives me nuts! I think it has a lot to do with the amount of water we are drinking as when its flushed thru the kidney it also removes a lot of the salt from your body too. I contacted LT about it and they were less than useless for advice so Im afraid its a case of putting up with it. Got to say the salt craving is far stronger than any cravings for food!
I know people are going to shout at me for this, but i'm exactly the same and if i feel weak. i just put a tiny bit of salt on my finger and have that haha. still had good losses too, done it loads this week and still lost 4 pounds woo!!
So glad to know I am not the only one! Think I might just check out with my GP when I next see him. I have stage three kidney failure and wonder if it's linked? No, I don't feel desperate enough to try the flapjacks Tasha - hope I never do!!!
Glad it's not just me, I've always craved salty things anyway crisps, chips etc so just thought that was been amplified..


Don't Worry Be Happy
ive forgotten what salt taste like, and tempted to taste but wont:)

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