I want to be a Disney Darling Diary!


New Member
I have 11 weeks and 2 days until my family holiday to Disney Florida!

The last time i was in florida (11 years ago) i was at my heaviest weight EVER.
I look back at photos hating what i looked like and i REALLY dont want history to repeat itself!!

I weigh 11 stone 8.5LB and want to get down to 10 stone, so just over 1.5 stone to lose!
I will be following the old school red/green days as it has worked for me in the past, also i will be going it alone as i dont have the time or money for class right now:cry:
Thats why im here i could really do with the support from this amazing virtual support group. i have been lurking for months and i have read your posts and been inspired by your losses, hopefully i can do it too with your help!
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