I want to buy....


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A limited edition eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay called the 'Book of Shadows' - it's soo gorgeous!! I saw the tester in Debenhams and the colours are fab BUT it is completely sold out all over the UK.






The retail price for the palette was £25. People are selling it on e-bay and the bids are going up to £42/45 + postage of around £5. There is a 'buy it now' listing aswell, price £49.99 postage £5.

I've tried to talk myself out of it coz it's only makeup at the end of the day... I don't normally buy loads of expensive makeup but I keep being drawn back to it for some strange reason... I really really want it!! D'yu think I'm crazy...???
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Ooh, urban decay eyeshadows are fab, and that set is huge. However, £50 is soooo much, particularly compared to the actual cost. I can understand your need (!) but could you wait until it comes back in stock somewhere and save yourself £25? Enough to buy other UD goodies...


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Hi there
OOOOOOHHHHhhh, they look gorgeous, I love urban decay stuff!!!!

But I reckon it's probably be best to wait til after xmas and they are back in stock and spend the money you'll save on something else
Daisy X


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Me, I'd buy it!! LOL! The way I look at is that I deserve it and now I no longer treat myself with food and drink, then make up hits the spot! It's gorgeous, just Googled it!

I think if you really want it, and can afford it, then go for it!!


I agree with PoppySparkle, if you want it, get it! (But then I'm the kinda guy who see's something, decides he wants it, and gets it! lol So I was bound to say that :p )


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Yep Pete, I'd treat myself. You've seen it in real life, so know that it's lovely and you're so gorgeous it's going to look stunning.

I know that it's above the RRP, but I paid £250 on a ticket to go and see Robbie Williams in Berlin when the tickets only cost about £40 face value. My thinking was that it was once in a lifetime, a really small venue compared to his usual concerts and if I hadn't been able to go I'd have been devastated! As it happens, I went alone because no one else was willing to pay that sort of money. I flew out there, didn't speak the language, but met up with some lovely people and had a great time!

Sorry, went totally off track there, but what I was trying to say is if it's worth the extra money to you, then you've got to make it yours!


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Ha ha, I'm just a tight Yorkshire lass! UD stuff is amazing, but I'd just feel ripped off having paid twice what I should.

You have to let us know what you decide! And you'd better be quick if you want it in time for Christmas!!


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I say buy it but as ls said ring the suppliers first :), I just treated myself to some gorgeous benefit stuff and a couple of my fave perfumes. We so deserve it!!!


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Hi peeps,

Sorry didn't mention in the first post, that I spoke to someone from UD and there won't be any more of this particular palette, it was a limited edition just brought out for xmas and is only stocked at Debenhams, House of Fraser, Boots and asos.com and is now completely sold out at all those places. She even went as far as to say that any returns that they get in are being snapped up by their own staff coz even they can't get their hands on it lol!!

So anyway, I have decided to go for it... I know it's quite dear, and I wouldn't normally spend this much on makeup but I think I deserve it!! and it can be my reward for getting half way to my target weight (even though I still have about 8lbs to go lol!). When I started this I thought I would sit down and set myself mini goals and have mini rewards when I reached them... but I never got round to doing them!!! So I figure now is as good a time as any to start LOL!!

Thanks for the advice guys... I think it was a bit of a one horse race right from the start but I needed other people to justify my decision... (why?!! )

I'm so excited - can't wait to receive it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxx


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i think that if its something you really want... think about all the money you have saved doing LL.. not buying other food and stuff.. and i would also look at it as a treat..
Look at how many eyeshadows you get in it.. UD singl eye shadow.. then look at how much it would cost if you bought them all seperate.. hehe

x x