i want to start SW... but i think i am not imaginative


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When i tried to do SW last time in my life which was years ago. i struggled with SW because i found it hard to know what went together, for example, a bowl of plain pasta is not tasty, so eventually i failed.... i really want to do it this time, but lack, imagination with recipe. because you have to work out healthy extras and free foods and syns and then i get confused. any help out there?? also i feel that i may end up cooking alot.. which i don't mind... but it is hard work
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Take a look at the recipe sticky at the top and it will give you loads of ideas, also check in on members diaries as this will be very helpful. Do you go to class or are you doing it alone? xxx
i want to join a class in Janu 2009.... but i am contemplating it all still and feel nervous as i have failed many diets
I'm not very imaginitive and can't do much as my oven is pants, but i have mostly green days and have pasta with grated cheese, chips, eggs beans, beanie pie, jacket spud, pasta n sauces. On red days i have gammon, egg and wedges, steak and wedges, think its just a case of getting into the swing of it and if you have a bad day just start again the next day, don't give up!
I found that when i did sw first time around i just ate the same things all the time , which was pasta with tomato sauce, and mild cheese and brocoli pasta in sauce. I got really bored and ended up coming off plan. Doing it this time round i have made sure i keep my meals interesting, as there is so much choice.

an example of a green day for me is

b: toast (hexb) with beans and scrambled egg with cheese (cheese hexa)
L: jacket potato with pasta in sauce , mullerlight, apple
D: 2 eggs fried in frylite (with runny yolk), sw chips and mushy peas
(toast on laughing cow later on at night with my hex a and hex b)
Red day

Hexb toast, bacon, egg, low syn or syn free sausages

Lunch : hexb bread made into a sandwich with cold meat and lettuce tomatoes and hexa of cheese

Dinner: big pot of stewing steak with lots of carrot and swede through it (sometimes i use my syns on baby new potatoes for this dish)

Instead of having pasta on its own, why don't you make a large amount of sauce and freeze it. I use tinned tomatoes, mixed frozen peppers, onion, garlic, herbs and sometimes chillie powder and a bit of sweetner, and sometimes carrots. I cook it all in a pan then when cooked i blitz it with the blender. It makes a healthy and tasty sauce. You could freeze it into portions. It is great with pasta and a hex of cheese grated on top.

I also sometimes have chinese savoury rice with lots of potato wedges and a healthy extra of chicken (which i boil with the rice) and splash some soy sauce over it when its on plate, this is also lovely.

Hope this helps and good luck x
If you've got or can get hold of the Nov/Dec issue of the magazine there's a freezable meals bit in there with the HEXs (hehe) and syns worked out for you. I've made room in my freezer to batch cook, freeze a few meals and have put some labels on the pots (just paper stuck on with sticky tape) to say what's in there, what day it's best to have on and if it's free or includes a Hex.

I tend to be a bit of a mix between lazy days having basic stuff or getting into a cookery mood m'self.
I did SW yrs ago and had no idea about food.
I used to munch on a packet of ham for lunch @ work.
I really struggled with the whole diet, i used to dread thinking of what i was going to eat...
Looking back now i wonder how i ever got on without writing everything down!
There are so many nice yummy meals if you want sum meal ideas then go to the food diary section ... i write my daily food diary and its so easy to stick to it really is!
Hi....I did sw a few years ago and found the same that I got stuck - mostly with green days - after a while and then gave up (though I had been doing well anyway....) but this time round I'm taking full advantage of the recipes online....here a well as on the sw site (which you can't access till you join up...) and have also bought the entire set of recipe books which will be really helpful...

I've got a family to cook for so need to think of different things otherwise the kids will end up not eating it if its the same!!!! I also googled slimming world recipes and there's a lot out there.....

Good luck with whatever you do.....minimins is fab for advice and support so come back here whatever diet you choose....
i think if you're really determined you'll do it.
i have a lot of help from my mum if im @ work she hasn't a problem cooking for me. Infact she enjoys the food i eat and 9 times outta 10 we have the same!
I have a friend who has got tonnes of recipe books so i am popping to her's later in the week to get sum more recipes!
This time around i feel totally different about the diet and i like planning my meals.
We are all here to help any questions just ask hun x