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I want to try making crisps


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I have literally just scoffed a Chicken and mushroom pack which I made into crisps...

I just added water to the powder slowly and stirred until it was a thick paste. You then spread it onto parchment paper quite thinly, and zap it at full power in a microwave for 1minute 30 secs.....mine took about 2 mins 30 to become crispy tho! damn microwave....

They where yummy tho!



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thanks cat-bee :) i will try that, hopefully i like them and can make them. i have a chicken and mushroom pack but i wanna be able to make crisps before i try lol in case i spoil the pack


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Well, I hope you enjoy!

I feel like Ive had a real treat after eating them! :8855:Sad or what!??

Suppose we have to enjoy what we can!



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lol elizabethjohn i agree. I made some and yes they were crispy but they also went sticky and chewy when eating and where really strong flavoured.
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do you know i added sea salt and vinegar ... it wasnt too bad .......
the funniest thing was .... my last cup of soup i had i went ... mmmmmmm .....and my old man asked .... was that nice? ..... i thought about it and said ..... its bloody awful ..... and it is ... isnt it? ... all of it
ive just got use to it and with lots of pepper i can just about hack it ... lol ... its the thought of no more big clothes that keeps me going ...... good luck girl xxxxxx


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I made some for the first time today as I have 2 huge cans of soups that I just can't stomach. The first batch I put in the micro for 90 seconds and they came out black. Had another go and took them out after a minute. They looked ok and were crispy but still tasted really awful. I managed to eat a few but couldn't finish them.

I think if you have a soup you like, they'd be great...... it was nice to have something to crunch!!!!
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lol when i done cambridge i was so excited about the crisp thing but i was bitterly disapointed. the worst soup has to be the tomato or the vegetable. the suops have never seen a veggie in their life if you ask me!!

Lol dunno how use can do it guys but you are amazing in my eyes as i did fr 3 weeks and it turned me into a looney!!

All the best ,

Jem xx
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I normally have the "crisps" every evening...and actually think they are lush. I make them from the Vegetable soup packet, as follows :

Empty veg soup pack into a mixing bowl, add ground black pepper. Mix water in slowly until you have a double cream consistency. Spoon about 4 dessert spoons of the mixture onto microwaveable baking paper and spread round the paper to make one large crisp about 20cm x 15cm (this can then be broken into smaller crisps when cooked). In my 800W microwave they normally take about 2 mins - 2 mins 20...just keep an eye on them !

Works for me everytime - hope this helps !
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I gunna give crisp making a go tonight - i am quite excited - little sad I know!!

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