I was alone once again


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and i ate yesterday. I hate myself for doing this. Why cant i stop myself? I come here often and read all your great stories. I start to believe myself. Yesterday I was at work all by myself and i ordered burgers. I nearly threw everything up after i ate. I didnt even enjoy the food. Now i have 5 days till my WI. DO i have a hope? Will i ever be slim 30 yr old who can have a baby? All my dreams down the drain.

Oh honey why do we do it to ourselves?!?!

Look you cannot change what you did yesterday, all you can do is learn from it! Don't let the blip spoil your good work so far - you have done so brilliantly in such a short space of time!!! That's almost 2 stone!!

The burgers will have filled up your glycogen store but believe me in five days it will have all disappeared if you get back on track today and STICK TO IT!!

Cheating on this diet make makes it a very difficult journey, so get back on track and promise yourself you'll never cheat again - if you don't it gets easier and easier by the day!

Do you hate being fat more than you love food?

Sending you loads of will power honey,
Yes you really WILL be slim, just think how far you've come already - 25lbs off is BRILLIANT :D :D :D

So come on, don't beat yourself up, we're all human. Put yesterday behind you and get straight back on track. Sending you ((((((())))))))
I know how you feel honey - but YOU CAN DO THIS!!
The most important thing is you draw a line under this and get back on track.
I've said it before and i'll say it a thousand times if it helps people - we dont fail until we stop trying!!
Have a really good think about things and rediscover why you want to lose the weight. (30 and a baby sounds good to me!!)
Whenever you feel like eating remind yourself of how you feel now and come on here. We're all here for you - you're not in this alone!!
You haven't blown it, hun! There's always today or tomorrow - I feel a bit of a failure right now as I've regained some weight - but I know that when I get my head out of the trough, I can lose the weight again. So can you!

Think of having your baby - isn't that worth a few days of discomfort whilst you're getting back into ketosis? Course it is! Go for it, girl!!!

Think about that baby, when he tries to take his first steps and falls down are you going to give in an say "oh well I guess he'll never be a walker"
Hell no, you're going to encourage him and support him until he's running all by himself.
And thats what everyone on here will do for you. You've done so well up till now so pick yourself up, dust yourself down and take another step xx
DTL - I have been reading your posts and just want to say that I am here to support you - use me - I check email regularly - if you get a urge for burgers again for instance????

You are a really lovely person who deserves to succeed and have what she wants in life.

That is just fan bloody tastic matey!!! You lucky devil getting away with it!!! BUT be warned, just cos you got away with it this time don't let it tempt you again as these things can v easily get out of control - and my god you have lost over 2 stone - that's immense!!!!!

Lucky you having Diane for a counsellor ;o)