I went for a "meal" last night !!!!


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:D All - I went for a meal with friends last night - and I still kept to the plan - how absolutely made up am I !!!! :D

As I was getting ready glamming myself I did question the fact - "Should I still go"

Well, I went and I ordered for the starter but asked for it to arrive with the main meals:

- Salmon skewers (CDC said salmon is ok) - it come on the order with chips and rice so I asked to change the chips and rice for a small amount of green veg.

I drank in total 3 small glasses of sparkling water (in a wine glass) - whoooo pretend g&t :p

I'm so proud of me - and to top it all off I spent £10 instead of my usual £50+ and wasn't even scared in a taxi at the end of the night on my own because I drove -

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Hi Betty

That was focussed or what, I am too hoping to be that way when I go for a meal in 7 weeks. You did brilliantly.

Keep up the good work.

Take Care
Michelle x


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Wow - fantastic. That's exactly the way to do it isn't it. Bet you had an even better time than if you had gone off plan cos you had the self satisfaction of being good. And you didn't wake up the next morning feeling guilty.

Excellent - I hope I can be as good as you when I find myself in that situation. At the end of the day, the food is nice but it should be the company that's better.

Well done again xxx


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Good control skills!! Well done. It's all about advance planning I think.
I had 2 "meals" out this week when husband and son ate gorgeous food, while I had a black coffee and sparkling water....not as bad as I thought it would be, but my God it felt good after!!


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Betty .... you need to rub some of that on me , I am taking my mum out Monday for lunch as she is very unwell and will pick CD up on Tuesday . so i'll be strong mind by then ... hope !


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im going for a meal on my birthday 23rd of feb and im goney eat everything and a bottle of wine .....


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well done you!!, it feels great to be in control doesn't it!



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elizabeth john its ur birthday so stuff ur fat face!!! go for it girllll!!!!!!


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well done

although my cdc said salmon is a NO GO ???