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I will not look like a taffeta sofa!!

Hi all. Im Rach and I got engaged just over a week ago - so exciting - was starting to think it would never happen to me!!!
We already have our date and venue (4th August 2012) giving me just a little under 8 months to shift nearly 2 stone.

Ive done SW before and know it works and ive used the boards before and know its a great booster...

I so want to get back down to 10stone for my wedding day; Ive done it before, have had lifelong weight issues and know I would never forgive myself if I didnt manage to loose weight for my wedding day! I want to get a bit off before I start looking for dresses - I dont want to feel eaurk! in the mirror when trying some on.

Im starting back on SW on wednesday but have decided to start a diary from now. So here goes!!!!!!
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Good day yesterday and so far today - have made plans to go and try some dresses on in 2 weeks. I know im not going to be able to shift a lot of weight by then but would like to at least feel a bit better about myself.
Weigh in 1

I had first 'official' WI which put my starting weight as 11st 9lb. Thats 3 lbs lighter than I was on monday so woo-hoo - Im counting that as a 3lb loss!!
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Good start, well done.
Had a weekend away visiting my OH's mum this weekend. Eat out and had a few glasses of wine but managed to do so without going over or anything.
Im doing SW and I stayed under 15syns each of the days so Im more than happy with that! Will be cutting them back down now until my WI on thurs.

I will be joining in on the mass strike on 30th Nov (if all union negations fail) and so have decided to use my time wisely having a first look for dress!!!!
I feel a bit better already (sure its just less bloating) so Im looking forward to doing my best for then.
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Weekly Weigh In

1lb off this wk :)
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Sounds like you are making real progress! How is the wedding planning going?
Another 1lb off this wk :D- slow but steady.
The plans are going well thanks - I think Ive found my dress!!!!!!!!!! Was a bit difficult though what with all the samples in the shop being a size 12! Ive managed to track down a size 14 of the one I want up in preston (Im in Manchester) so Im going tomorrow so I can really see more what it would lie like.
The reception and church are sorted and weve booked the car. My fiance is a pastry chef so the cake is all sorted (or will be) and we have a friend who is a florist so they should be OK.

Ive changed my colours now and Im going to go with deep purple (cadburys!!) for my bridesmaids.
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I am haing a heather purple and ivory. I'm sorting all the small detail now, table decs, kids bags, and waiting for rsvps to come back!
Have found my dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its a Benjamin Roberts dress and I cant wait to wear it! So excited - the thought of it has kept my head out of the biscuit tin (for now) but seeing as the wedding was 8 months ago yesterday am in for the LOOOONNGGG haul!
4lbs off this wk!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooo-hooooo!!:553:
Finally the weight seems to have shifted a bit quicker. May be because I switched back to WW this week. Just think with so many night out etc in the next few weeks WW is a bit more flexible for eating out - obviously so! I had 2 chinese take aways and a meal out (pizza express) this week and lost 4!!

Very pleased with - onwards and downwards hopefully. Would love to get under 11 before xmas if poss.

Rach x
Still on track. Have had a few comments at work that i look a bit slimmer which is really motivating and Im wearing a pair of trousers today that would hav ecut me in half in October.
Im going to a gig tomorrow night - Shed Seven (old Uni faves!) so im saving my 49PP's for tea out first and a few beers there.

Have decided that during xmas week Im going to save my weeklies for xmas eve (out at friends). Having xmas day off the plan; back to day 1 of a new week on boxing day (with 49 weeklies over 6 days) and then New Years Eve off plan too.

Am recalling awful weight gains of christmas' past - feeling fat and bloated on New Years Eve and have decided 'treating' myself with food isnt really a treat at all!!

Will need lots of motivation but I really want to stick to the plan on all but those 2 days and will be delighted with a STS from wed 21st Dec to wed 4th Jan (WI days).

WI 14th Dec

STS this week! That was ok though because Id had a big night out and its also TOTM. Its taking all the will in the world to keep out of the xmas rubbish (sweets & biscuits) in the staffroom!

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