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I would like your views on......


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Technically as a free food you could have as many as you like, but I only ever have 1 a day, tho not every day. Our leader warned us that having too many could stop us losing cos they are relatively high in calories.
Ok thanks :) I like to have a banana with my cereal in the morning cos it fills me up and i need filling up or ill just pick on at biscuits or whatever comes to hand at work lol.

But i suppose some mornings i could try and have some different fruit with my cereal, i just find that banana fills me up the most! :D


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I think you just need to try it and see what happens. Everyone is different - I can eat a couple of bananas every day with no problems.


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I try and stick to 1 per day too, but if I am out and about and hungry, I'll have another rather than something off plan.

You need to try it and see what works for you, some people can eat more with no worries, but for some people, fruit like grapes and bananas can slow weight loss down if eaten in bigger quantities.

If you're losing fine, keep going, if you have a slow down, cut them down a bit :)


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I sometimes have 3 a day but then I won't have any for a week. I'd say don't worry about it unless you hit a plateau, then you can cut down. If they stop you eating rubbish they can't be a bad thing.

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