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Hi Daisy

Yes you can althoguh there has been some talk on here that perhaps the super duper newfangled one's (ie Nurofen Express) may have other things in them so probably best to stick to basic ibuprofen!

Have your fingers swelled up before???

Solid tablets yes, dissolvable no as they have citric acid in them, its not actually listed on the pack, but if you go to the website you will find it in the further info on ingredients part.

Also be aware paracetamol based products will hold water so weight loss may seem like its halted buts its water. I had that in week 6 when i thought i only lost 2lbs, only to be told its water.

So giving you the heads up first ;)
its actually the knuckle of my left index finger - i can't straighten my finger.
i get the odd achey finger from time to time, but nothing like this.

bit of a nightmare really, can't do buttons up, undo jars, do my kids tights/hair, fasten seatbelt etc

(- also have nearly wet myself as i can't get trousers down fast enough!!! - and i'm peeing every half hour on this blinkin diet!!)

daisy x
just checked the ingredients:
lactose,povidone,maize starch,talc,
sucrose, maize starch,

is this ok?

(i can't believe i'm actually doing this!)
daisy x
no Sucrose is a sugar and can knock you out of ketosis

You cant have it.

Take Paracetamol only to be safe or nurofen tablet form
is nurofen anti inflammatory?
daisy x

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