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Ice cream, muffins and cookies!

I feel so naughty today :sigh: I have eaten a tub of SW ice cream, SW chick pea muffins (about 6) and SW cookies (about 5) oh and a syn free polenta muffin, all on top of all my food allowance and cooked breakfast.
I'm just within 15 syns but feel guilty. I love slimming world but my head thinks I've been a piggie today:cry:Does anyone else feel guilty after eating all day?
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Starting Again!
Its to do with the what I like to refer to as "the old world". Pre-SW if you'd eaten those things they would of been full of fat and sugar, but now in SW world, as long as you stay in your syns its all good! Don't stress about it hun.

Much love

Natt xxx
Thanks all. I think I did indulgue because of the weekend and yes squiddie looking at it that way it makes sense.
Still eating the polenta muffins though......I can't stop :rolleyes:.....not to self STOP buying polenta lol


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If you're within your syns you're doing well.
Sometimes we all need a bit of a blow out
Ice cream??

Is this ready made SW ice cream? Or some that you have had to make yourself?
Is this ready made SW ice cream? Or some that you have had to make yourself?
It was a home made one I got off the recipe page.
im sure you'll be fine but... did u say slimming world cookies? ? and whats polenta? x
Polenta is a fine maize that can be used in savoury or sweet dishes. In some recipes it replaces flour. It is syn free but there is a debate that you should Syn it if using it like flour. I don't personally and my consultant says if you can get away with using it Syn free with it not effecting weight loses, then go ahead. :D
I im playing around with the cookie recipe and will post it soon....curly wurly cookies for 1 syn each!
never mind TT, you have stocked up on free food and are within your syns so you shouldnt feel guilty at all.

SW is very keen to remove the guilt associated to food so kick back, eat, relax and enjoy!

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