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Red Days Ideas for lunch

I've been doing SW a few week now but only lost on 2 occasions - the other 2 I've stayed the same. I changed from EE to do Green days as I've done it before & lost plenty of weight on Green. I'm not sure if I'm staying the same because of the amount of Carbs I'm eating on Green days or if it was just because it was star week. I'm going to stay on Green for this week & see but may change onto Red.

So I'm looking for ideas for lunches to take to school - the cook always puts me a jacket potato in & I have something with it but I'd struggle some days if I have Red.

So ideas please - would do salad but can only bear so much & not too keen on the SW quiche.

Thank you in advance :)
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I like 3 slices of ww wholemeal bread (hex) with a tin of mackerel on top. Or maybe you could have a big lunchbox full of fruit and low fat yoghurt, which is fine for either day. or maybe a lunchbox filled with salad and seafood sticks (Free on red).
What kinda foods do u like?
Thanks girls they both sound fab.

I love most foods, not keen on quiches but like hard boiled eggs, like currys, chilli, most salad - never thought about seafood sticks. Guess I could do salad & different meats/fish some days. I tend to take a large box filled with strawberries, grapes & pineapple everyday for lunch with a muller light.

Thanks for those xx
Forgot about Tuna!! I love it as well. Guess I've done Green days for that long (well 2 weeks this time but for about 6 months before) I've never really done Red days. Thanks xx


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i'm probably not much help as i live on chicken/ham/fish salad's for red day lunches!
hey hun, i am doing my first week of red also, if you ahve access to warm foods up, then you arnt as limited as you may think, however today i took 2 boiled eggs, 2 large slices of thick ham and i took a small salad. it really kept me full, which is suprising because working with kids knackers me out, monday im making a cauliflower, brocolie and bacon cheese bake, and intend to take left overs to work on tues. When planning your meals, thick ahead about left overs and what can be used for lunch, when you plan each day, avoids any late night panic and falling apart the next day xox
Thanks girls. Think I will mainly go for salads but not till the weather warms up a little!!

Thanks Fern, I work with kids as well so I can totally understand!! We have a microwave in the staff room so guess I could take in left overs although I tend to freeze for other meals. I forgot about soup as well!!

Thanks for all the help so far, you're all fab x
extra light mayo sucks (sorry) light mayo is fab and really does taste like the real thing but extra light tastes like fake chocolate.. (not literally, but as in no where near as good and a bit odd)

Use that microwave girl! - wouldnt last on soup alone, so weigh on your cheese and take in tupper wear, sprinkle on top to melt and rip up some wholemeal pitta to keep it nice and substantial. I always think the trick is to take loads, because even if you dont eat it all then and there, atleast you didnt end up still hungry because you didnt take enough.

- kids are knackering LOL.. and as i do so much jumping up, running around and general cleaning up after the little terrors i am starving come lunch, no matter how big my breaky!

what iv learnt this week after planning my meals properly, is that if i slice and chop my fruit, top with the yog and crumble my alpen on top, it takes me longer to chew and really leaves me feeling full, rather than eating the alpens whole and then having to peal my fruit and eating my yog seperatly, even though its the same quantity, i guess eating seperatly makes me continue to pick.. rather than my body acknowleging a 'meal' than a snack.. keeps me feeling fuller for longer. xx
Don't forget that you can have a jacket potato on red days too - okay, so the one cook puts in for you might be bit bigger than 227g but you could always Syn the extra bit, if you know what I mean. :) Every extra 28g would be 1 Syn, I think.

I do this a lot on red days and stuff it with very low fat cottage cheese (plus salad, of course). Tuna mixed with extra light salad cream and cucumber would also work.

And I know this sounds a bit weird, but I very often have Oatso Simple for lunch. Mix in a very low fat yogurt with a spoonful of sweetener - yum :p - and surprisingly filling.


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I like 3 slices of ww wholemeal bread (hex) with a tin of mackerel on top.
Sorry to put a spanner in the works but WW wholemeal bread is two slices for a healthy extra but you can have three slices of the danish brown x
I tend to have home made soup for lunch - at the moment I am having tomato and basis so its Free on all choices. Not always the most filling but it does mean I am open to a lot more options when I get home for my tea.

If I know I am on a red, I sometimes spread some laughing cow light on lean ham and roll up and use these to dip in the soup...... delish.
extra light mayo sucks (sorry) light mayo is fab and really does taste like the real thing but extra light tastes like fake chocolate.. (not literally, but as in no where near as good and a bit odd)
hahahaha! Its so weird but...obviously real mayo tastes the best, but then after that I think extra light mayo tastes better than light mayo?? I feel like light mayo has a twang...although heinz light mayo is lush! but hellmans i prefer extra light! As you can see I'm a great lover of mayo!! :D

Anyways! I do enjoy salads and jackets for lunch, but for some reason I always forget that I can have sandwiches to??

ham and boiled egg sandwiches are nice and really filling! or chicken salad, or ham and dairylea slices, chicken and ham, chicken and ham and egg and dairylea slices?! haha! Basically theres tones of things you could put in sandwiches, whatever you fancy!

oh! pasta n sauce are really nice to when you fancy a hot lunch! x

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